Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kanye to Intern?

It seems Kanye wants to intern according to The Cut. We are all aware that Yeezy wants to infiltrate the designer fashion ends, but who is willing to take him on?

Italo Zucchelli, Calvin Klein Collection for men:
"Kanye's got a fantastic sense of style and surely doesn't need to do an apprenticeship with a fashion brand. He is an important style icon for a new generation, and having wardrobed him before, I know that he truly has a great eye for what works for him."

David Neville and Marcus Wainwright, Rag & Bone:
"The answer is yes. We would have Kanye as an intern."

Zac Posen:
"Yes. He's a hard worker."

Yigal Azrouël:
"I wouldn't hire Kanye because Kafi, my design director, would get NO work done."
Kafi Wilson, design director, Yigal Azrouël:
"Kanye can do my sourcing anytime."

Marc Jacobs:
"Yes, absolutely he's great. Everyone in the office agrees — we'd love to have him."

Do we think Kanye just wants to steal some ideas from the best??.... Thats it Kanye, get ya backpack on, sort out a pack lunch and get ready to run around on pointless errands.

Matthew Williamson for H&M

For those of you who refused to que like a twat outside one of many H&M's across the UK, to get your hands on some pieces from the Comme des Garçons line, all is not lost! Next to bat for team H&M is Matthew Williamson.

"Known for mixing bright prints, Williamson's women's collection will hit a select 200 stores April 23. A second delivery will hit all 1,700 H&M stores in May and include women's and menswear. The collaboration marks Williamson's first foray into men's clothes. The designer, who recently split from Emilio Pucci to focus on his own label, is opening his first U.S. flagship in the meatpacking district early next year. The announcement of the H&M line is a great way to drum up excitement for his U.S. expansion."*The Cut (NY)

"It is an incredible opportunity to be working with H&M, creating a 'Matthew Williamson for H&M' capsule collection. I love the fact that H&M has created a new phenomenon in fashion through the pioneering concept of collaborating with high-end designers to create one-off limited edition capsule collections. I am thrilled that my creations for H&M will be accessible to and hopefully enjoyed by so many people around the world,"* Vogue

So keep those eyes and ears peeled ready for Spring next year!

ALIFE x Barneys Everybody Mid Patent Pack

"Putting a twist on their a previous collaboration, ALIFE and Barneys will be teaming up once again to present the Everybody Mid Patent Pack. This time around the two will release three styles of the Everybody Mid available in black, yellow and red patent leather."

"Each features an embossed “ALIFE” all over logo design with either black or white piping. In addition, a silhouette of the “Barneys’ man” can be found at the heel and sole. You can find the ALIFE x Barneys Everybody Mid Patent Pack exclusively at Barneys and Barneys Co-op now retailing at $140. Via Complex."*Sneaker Files

Supra Skytop- Wheat

Sneaker Files News.....

"With news of Terry Kennedy’s pro model to an array of Skytops, Supra has been quite busy and has showed that they can compete with the major footwear brands. One of their upcoming styles of the Skytop is this Timberland inspired model that consists of a wheat upper, black accents and thin laces. This Skytop features a composition that stands out from the patent leather and animal print styles that have been seen in the past few weeks. You can find this Skytop at select accounts on November 28th, 2009."

I think these are BOOM, would look real good on a slim/average build man with some good dark wash jeans, nice plain tee.....la di da di!

HIT the Skytop link for more info

Nike Air Windrunner TR II B+W

Sneaker File News......

Originally released in 1986, the Nike Air Windrunner TR II is back with a very safe, yet clean colorway. Though mostly known as a running sneaker, this Nike model does not include the patented Nike Air Max technology seen on most of Nike’s elite running sneakers. The white toebox and side panel on this pair is nicely contrasted by the black heel, shoe lace region, and inner lining.

Another interesting aspect of this sneaker is the gray mesh that is used on the side panel to give added flexibility and comfort to the runner. The Nike Air Windrunner TR II was at the top of the sneaker game 22 years ago and if you want to relive those moments today, you can pick up a pair at Size?.*adidas sneaker files

Fu*k me pumps

You know, I always used to have little fantasies about trainers turned into heels, because every trainer loving girl secretly or openly has a thing for heels that be high! This is the first pair of actual trainers turned shoes I have seen that are OK.

"Collaborating with famed Italian brand Sergio Rossi and overseen by Linlee Allen, Puma get kinky with their interpretation of the staple Clyde. Giving ladies the option of a flat or a towering heel, Rossi and Puma tantalise the ladies with such names as Lolita Pink, Speedy Black and ‘Delovely’ Lavender (an obvious reference to our Delovely Delinlee!). Wrapped up in a sexy satin upper or risqué leather alternative, it’s all about your f**k me pumps this season!" *Sneaker Freaker

January 2009 from Colette is all the release information Sneaker Freaker can share at this point.....

Adidas House Party

I think we all really wanna be here right?

Adidas House Party Invitation

Where was our invites?


Seen on HypeBeast, these two new colourways are revealed from the Japanese label Untold.

I think this classic lumberjack shirt is gonna be around for a while you know, and as long as it is not completely rinsed out by every Shoreditch twat, I think it could live a long long life........

To be released at select Untold retailers as well as their online store, Daylife.

Pastelle- Kanyes new label

Kanye last night at the American Music Awards

Here are some sneak peeks at Kanyes new Label Pastelle. I wasn't sure what these were gonna be saying, but I like this jacket. I know that the whole varsity style could easily be/already is played out, but Kanye could do really well out of this as he made his career on educationaly themed albums. He's a dropout, your a dropout, but we can still dress like fly graduands. I really hope he keeps the designs tight and modern because Americans have a way of cheesing up and designing down!

Keep checkin the website expected to be live soon: http://www.pasttellmuseum.com/

125th Aniversary, Coco Chanel Coin Set

Minted as a €5 EUR coin due to its symbolism of the popular Chanel No. 5 fragrance, the coin comes in two varietes. A gold version limited to 99 pieces will retail at €5,900 EUR while a silver version with a run of 11,900 pieces will retail at €45 EUR. The coins will release on December 1st.

These are lush, I well want one, in fact I want the whole set mate! Shame I probably won't get it!

Source: High Snobiety

Dunk Xchange - The stuff of dreams

Seriously YO, this is the best idea I ever heard of!! Especially in a time where everyone is tightening the purse strings. So from 12-4.30pm you can swap trainers after only paying a $10 fee!!

Check www.myspace.com/dunkxchange

Louis Vuitton Vs Terry Richardson for French Vogue

For the new french issue of VOGUE magazine, the iconic printed fashion bible decided to team up with high fashion brand LOUIS VUITTON and Terry RICHARDSON to make a special pinup x glamour spirit 09 calendar.

The result is more than sexy and really fresh, but it is actually a big question? How come LOUIS VUITTON is now working with TERRY RICHARDSON. Of course, it is not a direct advertising campaign?

It is more a viral one. But if LOUIS VUITTON is now working with such a trashy, provocativ, photographer (very good friend of MARC JACOBS) with who is gonna work such brand as SUPREME?

The limit between high fashion and street wear are getting more blurry days after days. And honestly the result of this calendar is really great and fresh, but LOUIS VUITTON has to really stepup and not going back. It is an interesting move, which is giving more insight about where the high fashion and luxury world wants to go and to set up. A luxury brand is not supposed to go to the hype, but create it!* www.bkrw.com

More Pics!!!!

Photos courtesy of Black Rainbow Extroidanaire Magazine

Atmos New Era Caps

Im quite feelin these, do love a bit of check fabric. Also really like the detailing in the stitch, little spades running alongside the 'A'. Colourways are nice too, appropriate for these winter months coz brrrrr is it chilly out?........Available in these two colourways, check www.newera.com

Monday, November 24, 2008

Fila x RSole

Just beautiful really............ Released December 12th at RSole in St. Louis and Memphis in a limited edition of 72 pairs. Can you imagine only making 72 pairs......tight bastards....I hate the way they reel you in like a crack-baby and then leave you to buy your next fix off ebay. What a life ey'?

Obama Swagger

Seriously, ya boy Obama is having it with his notoriety campaign, paralleling Bee/Sasha Fierce, whatever she calls herself now! These two are all over the place, but to be fair, I cannot complain, coz these are like two of my favourite people right now!

GQ Magazine have named Barack as a Man of The Year, and he hasn't even done anything yet! I love all this credit he gets just for not being white.....and I seriously hope he doesn't dash everyones hopes by being a shitty president. He has got more on his plate than Bush was handed, and I just read somewhere that the Al Queda have already been on Obama's case and hopped into thier little cave studios to tell Obama some war words ready for when he comes into power......Danger business........

Chop down Isis

I was having a little once over of Bossip, I have'nt been on their for about a week, so I had bare to read through and this grabbed my attention. Meet Isis, a contestant on America's Next Top Model. You wanna chop that down right, guys?..... Well you might wanna wait till it's chopped off coz Lady is a dude, at least until she has the surgery that Tyra Banks is gonna pay for!! But he/she is beautiful, putting some women to shame!! Is that fair that men can be prettier than women? Anyways, she hot!

Rhianna for Gucci

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

2008 Victoria’s Secret fashion show in Miami

Heidi Klum

Alessandro Ambrosio

I think we can all agree that we hope or wished that we look(ed) this good after we have/had kids! Seriously though, is this normal? I know they airbrush, but I don't know if she actually has been!

Besides that bit of envy, nice underwear too! Although I'm not too sure about the weird bow-wing thing attached to her back.....And actually the more I look at these, I'm starting to imagine Turkish music and Heidi bellydancing....

Hixsept Collection

Now I like these! (€49-55.00)

This is part of the new collection by Hixsept, a label "born in 1999 from a fusion of the ideas of two french graffiti writters : Hëx and Hept."

Web Blurb.....

"Forerunners of the process consisting of adapting graffiti related items to clothes, they constantly try to mix art, graphic design and clothing.The brand itself always willing to stay on the side.One course of action: create and show.The artistic environment created around Hixsept makes it a brand with attitude, a graphical activist through urban art." *

I am not usually a big fan of these skinny boy threads, or graffiti artists that try to make clothes, BUT I do love the design details and colour palette of these garments. Like above, the over-hanging pockets on the drainpipe jeans, I think this is a great feature, because half the trouble with boys wearing jeans too tight for them is that they put stuff in the pockets, making their asses and thighs look all sorts of odd shapes. These pockets sort that 'ish out! Clever boys,

I'm also quite feelin' these.....


€59.00 / €59.00

Stocked in over 10 countries in Europe, not including England, these boys are grindin'

Go check out what they're sayin'.......www.hixseptshop.com


Catwalk Show Videos Spring/Summer 2009

Gareth Pugh- This is up late, but I forgot, so just watch it again, mmmmmm

Christian Lacroix- Rockin out to some euro-funk-pop!!

Christian Dior

John Galliano

Viktor & Rolf

And some highlights from..........

Ya boy Alexander McQueen

Marc Jacobs- Modern Suffragette
One dude says "I would't miss this for all the tea in China" WOW!

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Cool Kids

2DopeBoyz had this posted up, and felt I should share the love. To be honest with you, I'm not to up on 'The Cool Kids', I think partly because of their name. I now feel quite ashamed, because after watching this video, I feel like they are really safe dudes. I thought I was gonna watch this video and have negative things to say because people like to attribute whole fashion scenes to themselves like these bell ends reckoning the re-introduction of colour was all down to them, whatever...

Keepin it Waste!

Keepin it Modest.....

I just really like the fact that they are humble, and don't want people to think that they are some kind of gods for dressing the way they do. I mean it's so hard now to dress individually without feeling like you are trying to hard. All that we have left is confidence and a give a shit attitude to see us through.

2K Pennies.....

For more Cool Kids check http://www.coolxkids.com/ aaaaaight!

Skirts for Men?

*Designer Jennifer Minniti makes masculine dresses for men who apparantly "understand fashion"!!!

Right, so this whole title souds wrong to me! I am in no away against men or women crossing the gender lines, but when it comes to fashion, I really think that only women can get away with wearing mens clothes. It may sound discriminative, but surely you want a man to LOOK like a man, not a woman, unless your into that of course......On the flipside gay men seem to be able to pull these kinds of things off, for example Marc Jacobs has been wearing them regularly since his New York show in September.

What got me thinking about this was, I was reading an article on a random blog about Barneys really loving this 'Man Skirt', and how Bloomingdales are not so up for it. It surprised me, not that these are on the market, but that a store this big would actually be interested in selling this piece, as it could mean that suddenly we are going to see an influx of men wearing skirts!!!


Barneys fashion director Julie Gilhart said she was pretty sure her store already carried them. "Our men's buyer would have no hesitation carrying them," she said. "Not a lot, just a little bit. Men are really sexy in skirts." Style curator Natalie Kates added, "Especially if they have nice calves or are wearing some nice Doc Martens."

-Nice calves or not, men do not wear skirts love, bar Scotland and Tibet maybe....


Bloomingdales men's- and home-fashion director, Kevin Harter, gave mixed man-skirt signals. "I don't think we'll see it on the rack in Bloomingdale's"
"I can tell you right now, I don't think a skirt for men will ever end up in Bloomingdale's."

But then he went on to say...

"We're always looking to see what guys are wearing downtown, on the streets, in restaurants. If we started noticing it in those areas, we'd consider it."

I really hope that downtown, Uptown, Mid-Town, any-town men do not, I repeat do not, start donning these as the latest fashion craze. David Beckham was enough for the UK floating around in his sarong like some trendy monk, we do not need New York telling men it is OK, otherwise it will spread worldwide!!! :(

adidas + Diesel Collabo

I'm all for collaborations, especially when it's two brands that I really like. I'm also really feeling the love for the drainpipes still, you know, since this whole skinny/straight leg thing came back into town I have not been able to wear bootcut, flared or in fact any type of trouser/jean that does not hug my ankles, so 'yay' for the continual re-work of this style!

"adidas and Diesel have come together yet again to bring you a fresh new denim collection for fall/winter 2008. This collection of 10 new looks in different styles and washes"* I have just selected four that i like from the Mens/Womens ranges, for the full shabang check *http://diesel.adidas.com.

I do not know what the prices of these will set you back, so you'll have to do the dirty work yo'self!