Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hixsept Collection

Now I like these! (€49-55.00)

This is part of the new collection by Hixsept, a label "born in 1999 from a fusion of the ideas of two french graffiti writters : Hëx and Hept."

Web Blurb.....

"Forerunners of the process consisting of adapting graffiti related items to clothes, they constantly try to mix art, graphic design and clothing.The brand itself always willing to stay on the side.One course of action: create and show.The artistic environment created around Hixsept makes it a brand with attitude, a graphical activist through urban art." *

I am not usually a big fan of these skinny boy threads, or graffiti artists that try to make clothes, BUT I do love the design details and colour palette of these garments. Like above, the over-hanging pockets on the drainpipe jeans, I think this is a great feature, because half the trouble with boys wearing jeans too tight for them is that they put stuff in the pockets, making their asses and thighs look all sorts of odd shapes. These pockets sort that 'ish out! Clever boys,

I'm also quite feelin' these.....


€59.00 / €59.00

Stocked in over 10 countries in Europe, not including England, these boys are grindin'

Go check out what they're sayin'.......www.hixseptshop.com



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