Monday, November 30, 2009


This is gona be H-E-A-V-Y!!!!

I was very near tears when I realised I cant make this weep weeeep!! This night will be amazing- dont miss it!

If your new to Tru Thoughts then check out this video from the BEAUTIFUL album TruThoughts/Zebra Traffic.

Who wants some free alcohol and nibbles??

Well then get your arse down to this 

Lets be honest most private views can be rubbish but the free beers usually help you through and since its Diesel I'm sure the art will be of some sort of standard. The private view is on 3rd Dec 2009, so if you want a free night out contact, but dont tell him I told ya!

Out of the vault

This weeks tune that will guarantee to pick your tired Monday arses up comes via Missy Misdemeanor Elliot and if the tune dont then the video should def give you some jokes!

Its also a lil ode to my Missy-


25 years of British fashion

To celebrate 25 years of the British Fashion Council the lovely people over there have decided to
introduce a one-off award to recognise an individual who embodies the spirit of London and is an international ambassador for the capital.

I'm a wee bit confused about some of the nominees- Sienna Miller?? Please! Manolo Blahnik- yes hes marvelous and yes he may have started his shoe empire in the UK but he was born in the Canary Islands, duno if he really counts, what do you think? Alexa Chung, come on! She's been around for like a minute! I gave Ms. Westwood my vote- whenever I think of an iconic British designer shes the first one who comes to my mind, she basically comanded the whole punk movement and has managed to sustain a long running career in the fashion world as well as actually having a soul and giving a feek about whats going on in the world- BUT who you gona vote for??

Go here to cast your vote.

PPQ SS 2010 Collection

WOW!!! These garms are A LOT, and I think I could probably rock all of them!

"Known for mixing influences from the art, music and fashion worlds into their influential collections, PPQs Amy Molyneaux and Percy Parker commented on their involvement in the project: Red Bull Fashion Factory is one of the most exciting events to come out of London since the start of London Fashion Week 25 years ago. Were really excited to be onboard as the event has a really similar feel to PPQ; a creative melting pot of inspirational minds. PPQ will also launch their collaboration with Adidas Originals, utilising images by Rankin, in the Hub."

For PPQ, colour is the troop of black models dressed like Riviera glamazons who, through vibrant and ethnic patterned fabrics, come with a touch of Africa. The casting is a timely response to photographer Nick Knight’s comment that fashion is ‘ageist, sizeist and racist’. - Verity Williams

Via youtube


23 October 2009 - 24 February 2010

"From October 2009 the Fashion and Textile Museum is staging a retrospective exhibition of Foale and Tuffin - two influential designers who were at the heart of the cultural explosion in London in the sixties."

"Foale and Tuffin - Made in England will present a vibrant and inspiring representation of two key British fashion designers of the 1960s and the part they played in creating the changing London scene. It will revisit the Sixties vibe by recreating their boutique, showroom and design studio and chart the very personal story of two women who set up on their own with just a lot of courage and £200 in their pockets!"

£6.50 - Adults

£3.50 - Concessions

Opening hours - 11am - 6pm, Wednesday - Sunday (last admission 5.15pm)

Closed Monday and Tuesday.

Nike blazer High (Women's)

Black and Gold, black and gold, black and gold! Sam Sparrow had a big hit with it and I reckon these are a definite top of the chart shoe! This colourway always looks smart and pretty much will go with anything your wearing......WINNER!

Available on ebay now

Sunday, November 29, 2009

This weeks major contradiction award goes to...........

............your girl B.

Just how exactly did she go from this-


to this-

OK so when B was in Destinys Child she was all on her high horse bout bein an independent woman yada yada yada and saying how 'nasty girls are making it hard for women like me who try to have some integrity' lets just have a look at that word for a sec-


/ɪnˈtɛgti/ Show Spelled Pronunciation[in-teg-ri-tee] 

adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.
the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished: to preserve the integrity of the empire.
a sound, unimpaired, or perfect condition: the integrity of a ship's hull.

Now I dunno what your feelings are but I def feel B's integrity is slipping in a dark hole never to be seen again. Yes I understand as an entertainer she needs to put on a show, especially at the moment when there are so many big female singers out there fighting for record sales, I can see why some desperate tactics might come into play but I just feel like this Videophone video is one small bikini too far. I've never actually been to a Beyonce concert but I'm gona take a stab in the dark and guess the majority of her fans are under 18?? Not really sure this is the message she should be puttin out there, and lets be fair there are some women over the age of 18 that will follow her every move aswell, maybe she needs to take a step back and remember that she is a role model to these young women. Even the Duchess of Cornwall had something to say about the issue at a recent discussion with victims of sexual violence. Just got me thinking have music videos became too sexy? Is the need for record sales so high that artists are willing to compromise their integrity and music credability? What do you think? 

Coz lets face it where exactly can Beyonce go from here?

Well apart from all out naked I'm not really sure.

News!! Jonathan Saunders to show in London again...

"I'M GOING to show in London again in February; I just loved showing here in September and my sales weren't adversely affected at all - we sold just as much as the season before,"

For more read here @

Hellz Bellz : Interview with Lanie Alabaze

With the start of this blog being the start of mine and CometGirl's venture into the world of Fashion self-employment , it's only right that we keep up to date with what is happening in the women's streetwear industry as this is the avenue we want to head down in the future.......Lucky for us most competition in the market is American which gives us a little bit of room to blossom...

Ladies apparel is already a quick moving market as this area has been kind of slept on, but with it becoming increasingly more popular and acceptable for women to bust some streetwear out on road and in the clubs, brands are starting to pop up over town. Hellz Bellz founder/creative director Lanie Alabaze is one of those women who spotted this niche in the market and has jumped on the bandwagon and is steady rollin....Her designs are aimed at those of us chicks that don't want that naff Applebottom/Juicy Couture look when we are buying sportswear. For some reason, colour schemes seem to be the thing that most men's focused sportswear brands get wrong when designing womenswear, it's all pinks and reds and bling and floss, which is all good for those of you that want that, but I'm speaking on a more general level, where you just want well designed clothes with muted colour palettes.

If this sounds like something you have been craving, read on and find out more with this interview from Persona Magazine.

Persona Magazine: Where did you grow up?

Laurie Alabaza: I grew up in south east San Diego.

PM: What are some of your early influences that you feel affected your design style?

LA: umm….well coming from San Diego I was definitely effected by the skate culture we have here but most of my inspiration came when I was in New York. I really took in a lot of the culture there and it really had an impact on me.

PM: Prior to Hellz Bellz where did you get your start designing?

LA: I started as a graphic designer for the ladies department of Triple 5 Soul, from there I moved on to become the art director at Rockawear which I worked at for about 3 years prior to starting Bellz.

PM: What do you feel Hellz Bellz brings to the fashion market?

LA: Well what we did with Hellz is to design it very differently from what was in the street wear market at the time. A lot of the designs that were out there were designed by men. So many times you would get shirts that had flowers and overly cute designs that they felt women wanted. Really what women want is cool progressive designs so I feel that Bellz fits that void.

PM:What are some of your company’s goals for 2009?

LA: My goal for this year really isn’t different then last year which is to grow the brand slowly. Maybe we will add more accessories to the line and possibly a men’s line.

PM: What person or thing you feel best explains your collection?

LA: Hmmm… good question know one has asked me that! I would have to say myself because first and foremost I design the collection for myself and what I like so I would have to say myself.

PM: Who is your favorite designer?

LA: Vivian Westwood! She pretty much started the whole punk style and esthetic.

PM: What are some of your favorite material to use while designing?

LA: I try not to repeat things but currently I really like denim.

PM: Where do you see fashion going in 2009?

LA: I think more of a clean look is going to be the new thing. I think loud color will still be there but not as much.

PM: Well that’s pretty much it for us but one last question… who do you feel is the best dressed cartoon character?

LA: Definitely Betty Boop!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Dont you just love Snoop

He's actually wearing an all in one bandana print romper suit!

Your favourite weirdhead....

....doing what she does best, being next! Dazed Digital have created a lil Gaga fashion film, with creative direction by Matthew Williamson. Like the film, music, clothes (they got some nice Pam Hogg and Noki clothes in there)- hating the tripe shes chattin 'I believe in a glamorous life......" shad up woman!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tie me up, tie me down

Threads, strings and webbing have been a key feature on le runway this season, and with the recession looming, points out that like the current economical state of affairs, fashion is hanging by a thread. Several designers used these different mediums throughout spring looks, and I'm sure that some of you are no doubt rockin' the style in some sense whether it be that string vest you got from Dalston Market or some see-through chiffon!

Yves Saint Laurent
Emilio Pucci
Mark Fast

New Lupe -Enemy of the State: A Love Affair

Download the 11 track mixtape Here

Iv'e had a little listen, but I think it's gonna have to be a repeat listener if i'm gonna get into it.....I feel like he is on the Lil Wayne/Drake vibe......

Angels is a nice one...

Hellz Bellz vs Reebok

Dropping on 27th November as an online release, these are BADBOI! They come with a fold down back made of perforated leather and stud detailing in the mid area with an option of black or neon yellow laces (Allow the yellow, neon just gives me horrid flashbacks of that gay new rave moment!)

If you buy online, you get a special lil gift to boot!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pavon by Luz and Victoria

All I know is that this duo is from NYC, aren't they all! But real talk, they have some nice threads man! It looks as though they may be in their first year as the website suggests...


So via Highsnobette comes this exciting lil' post! MMM, I'm lovin these off quite large! They make me wanna get out of my PJ's and hit the dancefloor quicktime! These guys are lookin like some competition!.....

Have a look below for some of my faves from their more recent collection....Oooh and check out their blog for more pics and info about the brand!

Mick Boogie & Terry Urban Presents Le Da Soul (20 Years of De La Soul)


Pollyn - Still Love

I fuckin love it when you hear a tune that blows you away, but had you not just gone on a random one and thought right let us see what this one is sayin, you would never had known the goodness.......That is what just happened to me now, I'm just about over imagining myself in the video, (I do that A LOT! Think J.D from Scrubs but for me it's strictly a music video ting, not random joke life scenarios!)

So watch and enjoy! The song is taken from their debut album 'This Little Night'.......and for support head to they's website here

And if your one of them Twitter heads get followin aqui

Pollyn "Still Love" from Pollyn on Vimeo.


Oh my dayzzzz, I was just speaking with a friend recently about these and we were like remember when you could win these on Live and Kicking and everyone that had to be rocking these on the playground......I'm so glad that I am old enough to know what these are but still young enough to rock a pair without looking past it! HECTIC!!

These are not officially released until December 12th, and Im sorry these look like a US ting, but if you keep an eye out n ebay and generally murk the internet you can own a pair of these gems!


I spotted this artist while looking at Yeezy's blog, and was like woah!
For more of the mad good ish click here

Hunk of the Hump.

So since its hump day we have decided to give you a hunk to help you cope with the mid week blues.
This week we have the gorgeous Anthony Mackie! MMMMMMMM!! Born in New Orleans in 1979, Mackie started his career as a stage actor, then progressed into films. His filmography includes Brother to Brother, The Manchurian Candidiate, Million dollar baby, She hate me by Spike Lee which if you havent seen you need to gets! Just for the trippy CGI flying sperm scene, jokes! Half Nelson which is a brilliant film about a white teacher whos addicted to crack who befriends this lil black girl in his class (think along the lines of Dangerous Minds but 100X better n less corny) and most recently he played Tupac in Notorious. Mackie is currently workin on many other film projects but you dont care about that you just wana look at his sexy face!!

Nice T-shirt mate

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I wana go to Milan!

Moschino are opening a hotel there- ahhhhhh the excitement!!
Unfortunately the website aint much good Maison Moschino, but the few pics I've seen look hella good!

Love the bed spread! No news on when its opening but when it does I may just have to pay a visit!
This kinda makes up for the whole Pixie Lott crap!

Space NK Apothecary

This advert is B-E-A-U-tiful!

Tune tune tuneeeeeeee

Griminal - Invisible

New vid from Griminal (Fitinal,mmmm, T.I. lookin.....) with none other than ya girl Mizz Bratt playin the leading lady!
NOT a big fan of the Craig David 7 Days style video as I'm sure they areboth old enough to tell their parents that they are dating, you dig? ButI am getting quite into the youthy pop tunes about. Shouts NDubz!

Bless Jay Z

According to The NY Post, Jay Z did not want to be photographed with any of the Victoria Secret models at the show last Thursday night out of respect for Beyonce, how amazing is that! That is not something that you hear everyday and his respect levels have gone up on my radar! Good work Camel!

Read the full article here

And for some backstage photo action click here

Rockport x UNDRCRWN

So another collabo graces our mince pies.....NICE UP!

"Melton wool and suede on the black/pinstripe upper. bright pink waxed laces offset the dark upper to coincide with the "Miami sunset" theme fashion expert Kari Cruz had in mind".

It looks like these are gonna be a Black Friday release, so it means if you want them, you gotsta be on it as they are available only to 100 lucky people worldwide, so keep checking the website for more info.

RiRi Fierce

So apparently yesterday night at the American Music Awards, some of the performers took portraits backstage.....and here are the ones from Rhianna's little sesh.........I am really feeling RiRi at the mo, although I do worry that like Beyonce, she is rushing down the fashion lines a bit too quick, like faster than Topshop can keep up with.....I'm not gonna hate on her garms though coz she is obviously having a moment and working out who she is etc, I mean she is only a young girl still......

So the whole reason I put this up (coz let's face it, we only need to go to Bossip if we want to see what RiRi is wearing every 5 minutes, and we do, don't worry!! ) No, no, there is a point behind this post!

Basically I wanted to elaborate on this whole Fifth Element thing that is re-surfacing, or more specifically Jean Paul Gaultier inspired garms.........I'm really feelin the whole bandage's up, bondage-y nakedness that we keep seeing.... Props Rhianna and Lady GaGa ( Or more likely props to Mariel Haenn and B. Åkerlund - their stylists p.s. read an interview in Anthem Magazine with the brains behind the GaGa here)