Tuesday, November 24, 2009

RiRi Fierce

So apparently yesterday night at the American Music Awards, some of the performers took portraits backstage.....and here are the ones from Rhianna's little sesh.........I am really feeling RiRi at the mo, although I do worry that like Beyonce, she is rushing down the fashion lines a bit too quick, like faster than Topshop can keep up with.....I'm not gonna hate on her garms though coz she is obviously having a moment and working out who she is etc, I mean she is only a young girl still......

So the whole reason I put this up (coz let's face it, we only need to go to Bossip if we want to see what RiRi is wearing every 5 minutes, and we do, don't worry!! ) No, no, there is a point behind this post!

Basically I wanted to elaborate on this whole Fifth Element thing that is re-surfacing, or more specifically Jean Paul Gaultier inspired garms.........I'm really feelin the whole bandage's up, bondage-y nakedness that we keep seeing.... Props Rhianna and Lady GaGa ( Or more likely props to Mariel Haenn and B. Ã…kerlund - their stylists p.s. read an interview in Anthem Magazine with the brains behind the GaGa here)


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