Monday, September 27, 2010

How to Chirps

This video is jokesssss!! I love the 'you on T-Mobile' bit- so many boys have said that to me! AHAHAAAA! I love that its sounds like a computerised Tim Westwood.


So X-Factor is back and I can safely say my last 5 or so Sat nites and the next 13 will revolve around the joy inducing show. I can no longer socialise before 10pm, which seems to be fine as all my mates seem to be just as involved. So I'm sure you have all seen the bevy of beauties in the Girls category, but if not here are my fave 3!

I LOVE Gamu but I'm a bit worried she could get really annoying....

This girl is a badgal!! She's def my fave!

And I just think this girl is the sweetest thing ever- I LOVE the way she dresses!

OK now we are all to date on who we're supporting in the Royal Idea household.

Rave Garms

So I have this thing when I go out, I look for inspirational garms (usually via Beyonce) to help me create my look for the evening. Then I usually end up in a pair of denim shorts and a black vest, but thanx to my housemate I have a whole plethora of amazing pics to rip off- yup I'm an official Swagger Jacker!

Go here for more garms. I swear the 90's was ALOT more colourful that the noughties?? Anyone else find noughties a really awkward word??

It's been a long time, we should never have left you.

It's been a very hectic time for us at What A Royal Idea, but our world has been put back in order so we can now hit you up with all types of useless crap!