Friday, December 26, 2008

Eartha Kitt Passes

It is with sad news that I have to post about the death of the beautiful Eartha Kitt who passed on Christmas Day, I wasn't gonna mention anything to do with christmas as I'm scroogin' this year......However as you can see below Eartha had mad style, from her sexy swagger to her raspy and infamous purr, so today is dedicated to her.

Check out her version of Santa Baby.....

Interesting info:

19 Aug 1958, Hollywood, California, USA

Singer Eartha Kitt clowns with singer Sammy Davis, Jr., during the filming of the Broadway classic "Anna Lucasta," a United Artist release. This is the first film in which the all Negro cast will have dramatic roles. Up until now, movies with Negro performers have either been musicals or "problem" plays.

x Rest in Peace babe! x

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Lets play Horse

I wish I had the kicks/money to be playing sneaker games with Dj AM and Kobe Bryant! This new advert for Nike breaks down this game, that is probably going to stay being played in the circles of the rich and ghetto famous. It's funny though, still.

Publish Post

Air Max 90 Dogs!

Seriously man, people think of evrything!....
"London-based artist, Vinti Andrews, has developed quite a name for herself with switch-ups and custom apparel work. This time she’s created two life-sized pitbulls using Nike sneakers. The Dunk Dog and Air Max 90 Dog each feature various shoe sections that have been cut and sewn back together to create a fairly realistic canine." I would agree, these are hot, I want one!

To geek down @ the finer details of the dog check here

To witness some fitness, check the Nike Windrunners she created

She also does customised jackets.....I had this idea, in fact I think a lot of people have, but she has done it proud. Chopping up different Nike pieces, probably with some others thrown in the mix, she has created these amazing one-off retro garms.

For more check out her rather illusive website @ the link above

Time is Money

Hellz yeah! "Frank 151 has created a great New Era fitted. Time is Money, inspired by Ben Franklin, features a gold pocket watch on the front panel and a silhouette of Franklin on the side. The cap is available now through the online store or in-store at Frank’s Chopshop on NYC’s Lower East Side." Via Sneaker Freaker

Flare it out

Chloe jeans by Siwy - 24-inch flares - They are Back!!!

Cop a look at these swingers by Michelle Siwy!! Using a seventies-era inspiration for her new 24-inch flare, that's right 24 INCH!, for Siwy Jeans. I don't think I can ever leave skinny jeans side, the thought of bootleg/flare/bell all seem like distant memories........

I am not a big fan of the 70's look to be honest, be it seems that Disco could dance it's way back into our wardrobes.......Maybe still to early to start blaring Gloria Gaynor though!

i-D Magazine for their December issue did i-Disco with Leona Lewis on the cover which feautures an amazing shoot by Patti Wilson who is an amazing stylist that I had the pleasure of meeting/watching work whilst I did an internship at Heatherette, NY So check her out, a true Disco Diva!!!

Read more @ Dare to Flare? - by Clare Alstin, 23 December 2008, 11:24AM.

Nike Blazer Mid - Brown / Volt - Dark Cinder

Nike Blazer Mid
Style#: 318642 231

Expected to land early 2009, these Nike Blazer's are evoking retro feelings. Always a fan of lime green/brown/tweed, I think that these may be for the exclusive head. With a tweed upper throughout, lime green front sole and tick detail, I think these would have to rocked with a specific look. You can kind of imagine the type of man/woman wearing these likes reading and trendy cafes, maybe glasses? Not stereotyping or anything!....... Kind of like the person that would wear Benjamin Bixby. (below) Whoever wants em, they fly!
*Via Sneakerfiles

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cecilia Hammarborg - Outerwear

If you are looking to cheer yourself up this winter through the medium of fashion, why not try and make that item a new coat? Available online and in select stores, Cecilia Hammarborg's collection is inspired by the film 'A Funeral Parade of Roses (1969) by Toshio Matsumoto', based on the underground Japanese counter-culture. With an array of feminine designs, selection of lengths and cuts, and a autumnal pallete with hints of brights, there should be something for everyone!

"BlaCK River Falls is a collection of chic yet modern outerwear designed and made in London with Victorian and Brothers Grimm fairytale inspirations"

Pieces are available from Backyard Market in Brick Lane and online at Bespoke Boutique.
To find out more click here

Images © Cecilia Hammarborg, www.Cecilia

Coolrain - Andy & P-nix Gray Figures

If only we had these when Barbie and Ken were around!

"Graphic designer and toy purveyor extraordinaire, Coolrain, hits us with a look into his latest works featuring the artist’s popular handmade vinyl figures. Following an approach similar to that of Michael Lau’s, CoolRain crafts trendy interpretations with cool realistic factors embedded into each figure. Having already gained a notable following, the Korea-based artist boasts a strong resume including appearances at the Nike Dunk 23rd Anniversary Exhibition, 10th Annual Buchen International Comics Exhibition, and Kinki Robot Showcase. Coolrain has recently created two new figures, the Andy and P-nix Gray figures which can be found at Coolrain’s website." * Hypebeast

More pics....
Seriously, Barbie would have found Ken so much hotter had he changed out of his Army fatigues and busted on some dopeboy Nike!!

Imagine the fights there will be if these are mass produced in different styles, it will be like the new baseball cards! Swapping and mad collecting all over the place...... I'm almost sad I am too old for that even if it did happen :(

Dolce & Gabbana Magazine

Back in September, Dolce & Gabbana launched its own online luxury magazine, Swide.
I was not aware of this, but that is the amazing thing about blogging it's a true learning experience! So back to it.., they have all sorts included in here. Updates on their lines, art, music and celebrities, a great D&B archive that includes photographs and inspiration behind previous collections, a funny blog cleverly titled 'Behind the Seams'. All this and more, so hit the link and check it out before it gets super popular!

Vans Watermelon Pack S/S 2009

Gosh, don't these make you wish it was summer??

The new pack will consists of the Chukka, Era and Slip-On, and all three models will be available in January 2009. Via Trashbag Aesthetics.

Monday, December 22, 2008

I Hate My Day Job's Subversion

I Hate My Day Job's Subversion

Antoine hester's New York-based brand has hooked up with Nike, The Cool Kids and now London creative collective Styleslut.

Text by Donald Crunk | Published 18 December 2008
Let’s get one thing clear: the streetwear market is one saturated little puppy. Blink and you’ll miss at least three uninspired screen-printed tees from new ‘brands’ that probably won’t even exist in the next six months. Which is probably why NY brand IHMDJ! (I Hate My Day Job) sticks out like a sore thumb. Well, more like a well manicured thumb, painted with 24K gold nail varnish – but, you get the picture. Founded by Antoine Hester, IHMDJ! is like a classic episode of YO MTV Raps being played on Santogolds TV while Biz Markie raps at the block party that just started outside her project window. Their unwritten mission statement is to keep it bright, brash and real, and has already seen them collaborating with Nike, The Cool Kids and more recently, London based creative collective Styleslut. The two of them joined forces to create a highly limited gold and silver ‘baggage’ pendant, with one exclusive edition for New York and another for London which have already been seen on Rye Rye, Cage the Elephant and M.I.A.

Dazed Digital: Hey Antoine. Why do you hate your day job so much? Antoine Hester: I don’t really hate my day job, it’s just a sentiment that I thought rang true and would speak to most people.
DD: What’s the ethos behind the IHMDJ! brand?. AH: White collars and dollars. A lot of people like to talk that ‘do what really makes you happy’ shit. And yeah, it sounds dope, but at the end of the day, we all have to make money.

DD: What made you do a run of collaborations for your latest season? AH: Mostly because I have a day job that takes up most of my time. And I’m kinda’ lazy.
DD: Out of all the collectives and brands in London why did you collaborate with Styleslut? AH: We made a deal so I wouldn’t have to pay child support.

DD: Where did the idea for the baggage chain come from? AH: I just thought it was funny and honest. No meticulous thought process or epiphany.

DD: What collabo’s can we expect from you in the future? AH: No idea yet. Whatever’s different from what everyone else is doing, I guess.
DD: What two designers would you love to see collaborate? AH: I think Terry Richardson should direct some porn. KAWS could do the box cover art.
DD: What do you think has been the greatest fashion collaboration, ever? AH: I’m kind of a fashion poser, so I don’t know if I really have the exposure to even say. I like bags, so I’d say Head Porter x Atmos was my favourite.
DD: Why did you hook up with the Cool Kids? AH: They rap good.
DD: What’s next for IHMDJ? AH: A lot more subversion.

Maria Francesca Pepe

New Fashion East Addition Maria Francesca Pepe

Having just been announced as the new addition to February’s Fashion East lineup, MFP will be creating more garments with integrated jewellery.

Maria Francesca Pepe’s jewellery was born from one single element in her graduate collection at Central Saint Martins catching the eye of the press. Since then, her heavy metal tubular jewellery has gone down a storm and now as an early Christmas present, Pepe has just been announced as one of the new additions on the Fashion East show sponsored by Topshop, for A/W 09-10, joining the returning Natascha Stolle and other newcomer Holly Fulton. She shares some of her sketches from her S/S 09 collection with Dazed Digital and talks about her journey from womenswear to jewellery and back to womenswear.

DD: You studied womenswear originally but then went onto create distinctive jewellery pieces (the SS08 tubing collection) and now you have designed a collection of womenswear that incorporates your jewellery - how did that progression happen? Was it accidental or did you always intend to go down the route of accessories? Maria Francesca Pepe: I studied womenswear because anytime I design something I think about the human body, so the focus is always on wearing something. That's also the key of my jewellery design: wearing them as a dress. The reason why I have started my label making jewellery is both accidental and intended.
Accidental because after my CSM MA show the jewellery pieces I had sewn on the garments became the signature detail of the collection itself and it caught the attention of the press; intended because as a consequence of this I decided it was a clever decision to focus on accessories to enter the fashion market during a period when it was saturated with new Womenswear designers.
Since I presented my first collection however, fashion jewellery has became a big trend and all the fashion houses are incorporating a jewellery line in their collections.

DD: You've collaborated with designers like Louise Grayand Roksanda Ilincic - who are you working with next season? MFP: My collaboration with Roksanda is continuing as we both really enjoyed working together and we had a great response from the press. I feel we have found an effortless way of understanding each other’s creativity. Roksanda has been a blessing for me and I really respect her work.
Another designer I am working with for next fall is Emilio de la Morena; he also shows in London and being a former architect, he inspired me to explore further the approach to volumes in my design. We are having so much fun working together, he's a great guy.

DD: You've got an impressive list of fans....Roisin Murphy, Agyness Deyn - who else would you like to see wear MFP...? MFP: Roisin has been supporting me since the very first day and I couldn't ask for a better artist to interpret my creations: she is always stunning and so talented. Agyness is also a blessing: anything she wears is such a cool choice, so I'm glad she owns my designs. To be honest, I do not have icons, it's not the way I approach fashion. I believe I design for anyone who enjoys beautiful things as I do. If I should have to pick someone I would choose Chloë Sevigny, she has an understated elegance.

DD: Do you start off with materials first or a more abstract inspiration or idea? MFP: The first inspiration is always merely conceptual: I always evolve from what I've done in my previous collection and I see how it changes. I believe my inspiration is Change, Transformation, looking at things from a different prospective. Nothing is created and nothing dies, it always changes.

DD: Congratulations on Fashion East - how do you feel about being selected for the show next season? MFP: It's like feeling my dream has come true: few people can say that in their whole life, so I feel blessed. I'm working really hard to make the best out of this amazing opportunity, but then at the same time I trust letting things go their own way and enjoying all of it.

* Via Dazed and Confused click here the image gallery

Black Girls Rule

Looks like it's that time again, Black Girls Rule issues are always my favourite!! (Issue 83)
"Our Black Girls Rule issue is always about more than mere beauty." It's about the perennial habit of looking at the amazing range of human beauty and the evolutionary force that fuels this habit: curiosity about the people we're looking at-- how they got where they are, how they're getting where they're going. (Editor, STEPHEN GRECO)

This years issue is Guest edited by filmmaker Spike Lee, he and Tonya Lewis Lee interview Michelle Obama, the new First Lady.

Ethnic cool-makers" also featured in this issue include: Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child, indie artist Muhsinah, singer Janelle Monáe, vocalist and bass player Esperanza Spalding and cover feature, KERI HILSON.

Some of the fashion spreads.

Also featured is an article on Spikes Girls, how exciting, look at them all together!!! Some are missing though, like Alfre Woodard, God love 'er! :)

Check the myspace @ Trace + download the magazine here if your pockets are hurting!! ......


In case you wanted to know what the schedule was saying for A/W 09 collections, here goes.........

LFW Catwalks: 20th - 24th February
The Exhibition: 21st - 24th February

- remember it is a trade only event, so your gonna have to get your alias on if you wanna catch any shows....or contact the designers press team for the show(s) you want to see.....(tip: click the highlighted designer, the link has all the contact info to the right!)....Good Luck!

Friday 20th February
10:00 Paul Costelloe BFC Tent
11:30 Caroline Charles BFC Tent
13:30 Jenny Packham BFC Tent
15:00 Eun Jeong BFC Tent
17:00 Ashish TBC
19:30 Central Saint Martins BFC Tent
Saturday 21th February
09:00 Kinder Aggugini W1
10:00 Graeme Black W1
11:15 Margaret Howell W1
12:15 John Rocha BFC Tent
13:30 Charles Anastase WC1
14:30 Unique TS/NW1
15:45 PPQ BFC Tent
16:45 Nathan Jenden TBC
18:00 Armand Basi One SW3
19:15 Peter Jensen TS/NW1
19:15 Ann-Sofie Back TS/NW1
20:30 Vivienne Westwood Red Label TBC
Sunday 22th February
09:15 Betty Jackson TBC
10:15 Todd Lynn TS/NW1
11:15 Nicole Farhi WC2
12:30 Sinha-Stanic TBC
13:30 Christopher Kane TS/NW1
14:45 Aquascutum SW3
15:45 Eley Kishimoto BFC Tent
16:45 Richard Nicoll TS/NW1
17:45 Danielle Scutt TS/NW1
19:00 Jaeger London BFC Tent
21:00 Twenty8Twelve TBC
TBC Amanda Wakeley presentation TBC
TBC Modernist presentation TBC
Monday 23th February
09:00 Ossie Clark BFC Tent
10:00 Luella W1 tbc
11:00 Erdem TBC
12:15 Julien Macdonald W1
13:15 Marios Schwab TS/NW1
14:30 Jasper Conran SW7
15:30 Roksanda Ilincic TBC
16:45 Louise Goldin TS/NW1
17:45 Giles WC1
19:00 Paul Smith W1
20:00 Issa BFC Tent
11.00-17.00 Mulberry presentation W1
Tuesday 24th February
09:00 Mary Katrantzou BFC Tent
09:00 Mark Fast BFC Tent
10:00 Duro Olowu SW7
11:15 Fashion East BFC Tent
12:15 Josh Goot TBC
13:30 Peter Pilotto BFC Tent
14:30 Meadham Kirchhoff BFC Tent
15:45 Osman Yousefzada TBC
16:45 Nasir Mazhar BFC Tent
18:00 Bora Aksu SW7
19:00 House of Holland TBC
20:00 Kisa London BFC Tent
Wednesday 25th February
11:00 MAN TBC