Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Coolrain - Andy & P-nix Gray Figures

If only we had these when Barbie and Ken were around!

"Graphic designer and toy purveyor extraordinaire, Coolrain, hits us with a look into his latest works featuring the artist’s popular handmade vinyl figures. Following an approach similar to that of Michael Lau’s, CoolRain crafts trendy interpretations with cool realistic factors embedded into each figure. Having already gained a notable following, the Korea-based artist boasts a strong resume including appearances at the Nike Dunk 23rd Anniversary Exhibition, 10th Annual Buchen International Comics Exhibition, and Kinki Robot Showcase. Coolrain has recently created two new figures, the Andy and P-nix Gray figures which can be found at Coolrain’s website." * Hypebeast

More pics....
Seriously, Barbie would have found Ken so much hotter had he changed out of his Army fatigues and busted on some dopeboy Nike!!

Imagine the fights there will be if these are mass produced in different styles, it will be like the new baseball cards! Swapping and mad collecting all over the place...... I'm almost sad I am too old for that even if it did happen :(


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