Friday, May 27, 2011


Hey lads and lasses, we probably should have told you this a long time ago but we have moved to here. Enjoy yasel!

Monday, September 27, 2010

How to Chirps

This video is jokesssss!! I love the 'you on T-Mobile' bit- so many boys have said that to me! AHAHAAAA! I love that its sounds like a computerised Tim Westwood.


So X-Factor is back and I can safely say my last 5 or so Sat nites and the next 13 will revolve around the joy inducing show. I can no longer socialise before 10pm, which seems to be fine as all my mates seem to be just as involved. So I'm sure you have all seen the bevy of beauties in the Girls category, but if not here are my fave 3!

I LOVE Gamu but I'm a bit worried she could get really annoying....

This girl is a badgal!! She's def my fave!

And I just think this girl is the sweetest thing ever- I LOVE the way she dresses!

OK now we are all to date on who we're supporting in the Royal Idea household.

Rave Garms

So I have this thing when I go out, I look for inspirational garms (usually via Beyonce) to help me create my look for the evening. Then I usually end up in a pair of denim shorts and a black vest, but thanx to my housemate I have a whole plethora of amazing pics to rip off- yup I'm an official Swagger Jacker!

Go here for more garms. I swear the 90's was ALOT more colourful that the noughties?? Anyone else find noughties a really awkward word??

It's been a long time, we should never have left you.

It's been a very hectic time for us at What A Royal Idea, but our world has been put back in order so we can now hit you up with all types of useless crap! 

Monday, June 21, 2010

Shotta Culture

New Spragga Benz, it's all about the reggae vibes this summer (well every summer!). Heavy bass and high grade are the key ingredients!

Oh say can you see...

a really horrible pair of kicks? How rank are these Dunk Low's? They are meant to be for 'Independence Day', but trust as a half American I will not be celebrating by buying these shits!

Rachel Hylton

I friggin loved this girl on Xfactor, and as most contestants she disappeared as soon as it was over. But hurah she's back for a special performance, so email the dude for glist. 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bad Gal Tune!!!

I've heard this a few times now but it only really hit me today how sick this tune is! Been searching the net for about an hour to find it, listen on LOUD!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Tupac!!

Sad, sad, sad!! Tupac Amaru Shakur (June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996) would have been 39 today, would you believe it? I would love to know what he would be getting up to now....Would he have collaborated with Eminem, Lil Wayne or Drake? Got Nicki Minaj to sing a chorus?.....I reckon he definitely would have made some more films...

CometGirls selection: Keep ya Head Up (bit of a soppy choice)

-This is definitely Tupac on his conscious poet tip, good look!

BagLady's selection: Hit em' Up (Gully choice)

-My man on a aggy vibe, sexy look!

UK Overstood

Make sure you check out UK Overstood people, a bit like Channel U (but a bit more sophisticated talent!) Here are some videos/tunes from people that I could be arsed to look at! Watch out for Big Ben - 'The only home I need', without the best tune on this ROAD RAP page!

Check em out here:




Boiler Room!!

Gotta keep postin about the ever growing Tuesday night session that is 'The Boiler Room'!!

Make sure to click here for all posts and catch up with all that you may have missed as these kids are on numero 12 now!! Here they had The BPm, Persuit Grooves and Ghost Poet. We caught this guy as the support at the Nneka concert and he was siiiiick. The sound wasn't great, but you could here man had some lyrics! Make sure to check his Myspace and see what's good!


Not the type to catch fish in, the type to catch men in! ;) As you will have noticed, fishnet, string vest, lace and various other semi-transparent fabrics are all the rage. I used to be quite against fish net, lace and string vests because they reminded me of goths and Rab C Nesbit! But alas, now these fabrics are cool! I hate to be a victim of fashion trends, but you know we all grow up and our associations with things change!

So I saw this picture of Meagan Good on Bossip today and they are all like 'Are you feelin' this get up?', and you what, I kind of am. Albeit it is a bit slutty, but that works now. If your a stand up, respectable kinda female, then you can get away with showing off your fine ass every now and then!

So here are some other related garms were feeling..

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Balenciaga Resort Collection 2010

Paul Wall

New FREE mixtape from Paul Wall - 'Sole Music' here.