Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kanye for Louis Vuitton

There have been several updates on Kanye Wests little venture for Louis footwear. Featured below are the other two colours of the don footwear. These pics are better quality now too, so kick back and enjoy......maybe buy?

Also got some sneak pics of new styles for the collection........ Got some spaceboots, and some kind of boat shoes, love the tassles and suede. I think these are all pretty high grade footwears to be hon. Well done weezy!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Aaliyah biopic

I tell you what, I am really excited about this.......but something about the girl they have cast freaks me out, I can't look at her face for too long.....I don't know why, bcoz she is real pretty, I think it's because she looks so much like Miss Aaliyah......

The director for the new Aaliyah biopic are doing extensive research for the little lookalike, Keisha Chante:

Fans anticipating R&B singer/actress Aaliyah’s forthcoming biopic can rest assured that the film is going to be as seamless as Jennifer Lopez’s praised role in Selena. According to Bill Condon, the director for the as-yet-untitled pic and famed director of the hit film ‘Dreamgirls’ starring Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce Knowles and Jamie Foxx, Aaliyah’s biopic and its cast are studying hard to make sure the pic is up to par. “We are going to great extremities to make this movie perfect. We have (Keisha) Chante in extensive… …training studying, speaking with family members, watching personal footage and in choreography training with Aaliyah’s choreographer and dear friend Fatima Robinson. This movie will will be seamless the same way it was for Selena fans who enjoyed Jennifer Lopez.” In addition to Keisha Chante, who has been cast as Aaliyah, the “One In A Million” singer’s choreographer Fatima Robinson, Timbaland, Ginuwine, and Missy Elliott are to be featured in the film. “Rock The Boat” music video director Hype Williams has also been tapped for the film to recreate Aaliyah’s final video shoot.

Sources close to the much-anticipated film say they’ll be “going deep into Aaliyah’s life”.

Kanye, Kanye, Kanye.......

hmmmmmmmmm? It looks like the Shoreditch Ghostbusters!

Thriller show

Tre exciting!

The theater production will recreate the tale of the 14-minute horror film spoof based on the title song. In the video, a young couple are on a date when the boy -- played by Jackson -- becomes a werewolf.

"This musical will be the exclusive Michael Jackson authorized version of 'Thriller' and Jackson will participate in every aspect of the creative process," said the Nederland Organization, which has acquired the rights to the musical.

"Thriller The Musical" will include songs from the 1982 album "Thriller" and its 1979 predecessor, "Off the Wall." Via Billboard

Friday, January 23, 2009

Recession socks

So today, they announce we are in a recession as if we didn't already know.......So if your pockets are feeling beat up but you still wanna feel fly on the feet, check these!! Nike socks! So now, you can just walk aboot the hoose innit, still rockin Nikes. They apparently come with a box too, just to make you feel a lil bit spesh!

Kanyes Footwear.

I remember a little while back there was a big hoo-ha about Kanye wanting to intern for a design house, and how good he would be. So the next we here, he is designing some footwear for Louis Vuitton. Looking at these, I think that he gives certainty to his Louis Vuitton Don status.

Whether or not he is actually deisgning them is another matter........... Released at Louis Vuitton stores in June.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Phenomenon 2009 Spring/Summer Lookbook

Would you just look at these fools! Imagine actually meeting the kind of chief that would wear this ish! Can you imagine?............. Surely the New Rave ting died and went to hell? Or maybe it rose from the ashes in the form of Phenomenon?

Fancy a man in a belted green polka dot top?

Or maybe trousers with braces, minus a shirt?

I actually dont mind the acid wash shirt on the right, allow all the rest!

I like the photographs, as like visual pieces, but how these people make money in menswear fly's way, way, WAY over my head!

Update: Alexander Mcqueen for Target

Previoulsy I wrote a lil' bit about Alexander Mcqueen designing for the US chain Target. It would appear he has acheived this, and to not a very high standard. I have been in a couple of Targets in the USA and the y so have some interesting designs and the quality is OK, but this collection looks like something out of Primark or Peacocks. And I'm not even dissin them because I have bought nuff garms from there! You just would think that such a creative and imaginative designer could come up with something A LOT better.......

For more of the collection hit Nylon Mag

Hussein At 15

Creative designer for Puma, Hussein Chalayan is marking 15 years in fashion with a solo exhibition held at London's Design Museum . This will give him the oppurtunity to reflect on his large body of eclectic works that have included themes in cultural identity, displacement and migration. So go and check out the twice named 'British Designer of the Year', and show your support.

"Exhibits will include ‘Afterwords’ which explores the notion of ‘wearable, portable architecture’ in which furniture literally transforms itself into garments; ‘Airborne’ bringing the latest LED technology to fashion design with a spectacular dress consisting of Swarovski crystals and over 15,000 flickering LED lights; ‘Before Minus Now’ a dress made of materials used in aircraft construction which changes shape by remote control and ‘Readings’ a dress comprising of over 200 moving lasers presenting an extraordinary spectacle of light."

Open until 10pm Friday 23 January and Friday 24 April. Find out more about the museum's late night openings

The event is sponsered by Puma

-Video Dresses

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Michelle Obama's Inaugural Dress

Hey to you to Michelle!

So, if you remember there was a post on what Michelle Obama's inaugural dress might look like.......Anyways, she ended up selecting a dress designed by Jason Wu and I must say I don't dislike it....but am not 100% on my feelings towards the dress itself. She still looks good, no doubt about that, but I think it looks more like a wedding dress! In fact that's what the evening looked like, they had just got married! Bless them though, they look so in love, and actually happy to be in each others company, unlike Mr and Mrs Bush........

The white chiffon one-shoulder jobby does work for her figure. She has quite an athletic body, and I think this works for her, quite modest yet feminine and light. I suppose she better get used to everything white though right?

The dress will be donated to Washington’s Smithsonian Museum’s long-running collection on memorable First Lady fashions.

To top off the evening, Beyonce sang 'At Last' by Etta James for their first dance together as Mr and Mrs President of the USA!!! Yay! It's a celebration bitches!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Easter Kicks!

Its that time already, well not really, but Reebok have decided to put out a lil' sneak look at some easter kicks. I am quite into the fade they have goin' on. Available in three pastel colours, I can see that these will make it through easter into the rest of the year.

Keep an eye out then for some easter fashions!

Mr T style advice

This is just comedy gold man!

Carhartt A15 Duck Cap

"Featuring Carhartt’s trademark brown colored canvas, the Carhartt A15 Duck Cap presents itself as a functional piece of design with that unmistakable relation to quality that Carhartt provides. Designed with the cold in mind, the fitted cap style set-up includes a fold-down flap for extra warmth and protection against the elements. The hat is kept clean aside from a Carhartt logo on the front. Available now at" - Hypebeast

Dr. Martens Primary Pascal 8 Eye Boot Collection

I think everyone can just about remember the Dr Martin boot, or at least had a pair! I remember when I was about 10/11 years old and rockin hand made tye-dye t-shirts, these were the only shoes I wanted. Instead though, as my mum couldn't afford to buy me these I had the airwalk version that were some cheapo replicas! At the time I didn't really mind, but these were like an aspirational boot. I eventually got a patent leather black pair in the sale for christmas I think, and that was a good time! The brand has always been around, just not in the mainstream, and has been synonymous with punk and greb cultures...

The iconic shoe has been through some colourful transformations, while the design has always remained the same. Like most things, this shoe has become very popular with the fashion forward and can be seen on the feet of most hip young things, even that boy you thought was ghetto, now rocks DM's!

"Each style includes a complete full color make-over as everything including the sole, leather and laces all share the same color. Green, blue, red and yellow are all available with an exclusive run of men’s sizes" - Hypebeast

Available now @ OKI-NI.

Martha Cooper “Street Shots” Exhibition

"Well known for her continued documentation of various cultures including graffiti and hip-hop, Martha Cooper follows up on the recent unveiling of her latest Going Postal book to host an event at Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles. 50 years of photography beginning in 1958 are seen throughout the exhibition including some memorable and iconic photos. The exhibit runs from now until February 13th and is definitely something you should check out if you’re in the area."

Martha Cooper “Street Shots” Exhibition
Subliminal Projects
1331 W. Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026.

Via Everything you Love to Hate

Monday, January 19, 2009

Barbie to sponsor fashion designers at LFW

She's blonde, has the perfect figure and is an icon, and now she's nurturing London fashion talent. No, it's not Kate Moss, but Barbie. Not content with taking over New York Fashion Week, where Barbie's makers Mattel are hosting their own show, the 11.5in doll has chosen two leading lights from the London fashion scene to sponsor - Roksanda Ilincic and Danielle Scutt. Roksanda, known for her avant garde cocktail dresses, and Danielle Scutt, reknowned for her fierce glamazon aesthetic, will dress 50 limited edition Barbie dolls in looks inspired by their own collections. Roksanda said of dressing the ultimate blonde bombshell, “I couldn’t wait to dress Barbie; she’s such an iconic model, and the perfect front row show guest.” Danielle, who will be showing only her second solo show this year, added, “Dressing Barbie has been so much fun, but she’s no stranger; I worked on a project with her at college before I graduated, and thankfully she came back to support my show.”

This year Barbie is celebrating 50 years of being a fashion icon - in New York her show will feature creations from 50 designers all finished with off with Barbie inspired Christian Louboutins, while another 50 accessory designers have created doll-inspired shoes and accessories to be shown at the Prêt à Porter Paris salon this month.

Posted: 15 Jan 2009

By Lianne Ludlow

Terry Kennedy

'It took Terry Kennedy about thirty seconds to get good at skateboarding, two months to get sponsored, and only three years to go pro'....... Check the Kr3w clothing line he is sponsored by. I am quite feeling some of the ish'...

Read the interview below by

PM: What direction do you see skate culture taking in 2009?

TK: I feel like it’s going to definitely take the forefront this year! Skaters are doing things now that we thought were impossible to do. We’re on TV and may possibly be in the Olympics soon and the urban community is behind all of it. These dudes are doing so many creative and positive stuff so we’re going to be more in the main stream where we should have been a long time ago.

PM: Why do you feel that the urban communities are now embracing skate culture fashion wise?

TK: It’s because these dudes (skate brand companies) are geniuses dude! These people have so much will power and focus that they can sit there and come up with some fly shit that people in the community like. I saw it early on! I’m only 23 now but when I was younger I was always impressed with the type of designs and products skaters came up with.

PM: Speaking of skate brands you yourself have collaborated with the likes of Supra/KR3W. What was that like and what do you expect out of your relationship with your partners?

TK: Well first off I love to work with skate companies because they allow you to just be you. I can’t really think of another industry outside of music that lets you be as free and involved as skateboard companies do. Working with Supra/KR3W I was able to totally control my designs. I could pick influences from Gucci, YSL, or anything and have them add it to my board or my shoe. It’s just so much freedom.

PM: So beyond any of your collaborations, the rumor is that you have now stepped into the music industry with your group Fly Society! Explain to our readers what Fly society is about and what apparel you have attached to your group.

TK: Fly Society to me is its own culture onto itself. We are trying to show kids this culture and give them a place where they could fit it. That’s all you want to do as a kid is to find where you fit and we hope to give them that with Fly Society.


I'll take it!

"MACKDADDY’s flagship store Height as well as EPROZE have both joined forces with Japanese music artist Verbal of the Teriyaki Boyz and his label Ambush to create an exclusive ring and pendant colorway. With the help of Antonio Murphy and Astro, the POW!’s fun design took reference from various elements of pop-culture. Available now at EPROZE." Via Hypebeast

Vivienne Westwood Men’s Ready-to-Wear 2009 Fall Collection

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

King Sale

The guys over at King started their winter sale! As it is still pretty chilly, get some garms to wrap yaself up tight, because I think it's gonna remain cold for a good few months! Ease off, Breeze off.....

Click here for some cut price activity!



I want a YSL Le Smoking, the tux created in the late 1960s that is now a fashion classic. I want it more than a Rolex, a Porsche or even Gisele’s legs, and I want it because it defines the androgynous look for women at its sleekest best. It’s a look that I love.

'Stefano Pilati is continuing the grand Yves Saint Laurent tradition of making menswear for women with his first unisex collection'

Read the full article here

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Versace refuses to reduce....

Donatella Versace is a well-known fan of Barack Obama. Her spring 2009 men's collection was even inspired by "the type of man Barack Obama represents." But the CEO of her fashion empire isn't such a fan of change. Namely, the price cuts clothing companies are enacting in response to the economic downturn. Prada's shocking Italians by thrusting sale signs in their windows in Milan, but Versace will do no such thing. CEO Giancarlo Di Risio said they don't want to make their merchandise available to teen girls:

"Our regular client was not queuing on January 3-4 in Milan or Rome but was on the slopes in St Moritz or on a boat in the Caribbean," he said. "We want to offer a real luxury and not to open our doors to the consumption of young girls who can put the designer handbag of their dreams on their arm with less than 300 Euros. We are not interested in that."

You know the type. In town from, say, New Mexico for her 17th birthday with her mom and a friend (whose airfare she paid for) with tan she bought, a tiny Louis bag tucked under her arm, a fur-trimmed down jacket she's worn twice, flat-ironed hair, and (gulp) Uggs. "In Via Montenapoleone or in Via Condotti, you could already buy goods at half price in mid-November," Di Risio continued. "This policy is ruining a market which, given that it is at the high end, should be more protected. For me, fans of sales are different to regular buyers." Via Amy Odell

Saturday, January 10, 2009


This set of photos is amazing! There are only a few, but those few blew me away.........Taken circa .1898 on the Island of NEGROS in the Central Philippines, the images show family life in a place where I never even knew existed.

'The term Negrito refers to several ethnic groups in isolated parts of Southeast Asia.[1] Their current populations include the Aeta, Agta, Ayta, Ati, Dumagat and at least 25 other tribes of the Philippines, the Semang of the Malay peninsula, the Mani of Thailand and 12 Andamanese tribes of the Andaman Islands of the Indian Ocean.'

See more here

Friday, January 09, 2009


Just look at that face son! And those eyes, well..........

Ok, so I feel today has swerved off the fashion rails and headed down random street, but it's all good!

As I was perusing I remembered Asher D was on 1xtra this morning and remembered how beautiful that boy is! So among eyeing his pics on myspace, watching the low budget video for his track with Mutya Buena, and reading his short blog, I came across this little dude who goes by the name of Realist.

Ashley had posted it up in October, but as you watch it your kind of dragged in, coz' he's definately got swagger and style. He got me all shoulders poppin, head bobbin type movin'..........Have a listen and check his myspace out.........spread the love!! Plus he's from East, ba-ba-ba-ba Bow E3! Ooooooh and hold tight Villain

The London College of Fashion MA exhibitions

I am gutted I can't go to this, but if you are around you should definately go and check it out!!.....

MA exhibitions at the Mall Galleries, The Mall, London SW1.

The exhibition will showcase our MA students final collections on the following

3 February 3pm-6pm: Fashion Artefact, Fashion Footwear, Fashion Curation,
Design Management for the Fashion Industries and Digital Fashion

10 February 3pm – 6pm: Fashion Photography, Fashion Journalism, History &
Culture of Fashion, and Strategic Fashion Marketing

Course advisors will be on hand during the afternoon if you have any questions
about further study at LCF.

We hope to see you there!

Best wishes

The Open Day Team
London College of Fashion


Watch out for the new British Independant film Clubbed


CLUBBED - a journey through family and fear set in the violent world of 80s clubland.

It follows factory worker Danny, who becomes involved in the violent "rude-boy" subculture of 1980's Coventry when he meets a group of doormen who work clubs playing Northern Soul and ska music. The doormen who take him in give him the confidence to stand his ground. As he is drawn deeper into their world, he becomes embroiled with the local gangland boss, setting in motion a chain of events with shockingly brutal consequences.

Clubbed was funded through the EIS scheme with support from Screen West Midlands.

Out on general release now, will feauture at some cinemas, most likely Picture Houses....

And the soundtrack, well.........BIG

1. GOOD TIMES Performed by Chic

2. KEEP THE FIRE BURNING Performed by Gwen McCrae

3. THERE’S GOT TO BE RAIN IN YOUR LIFE Performed by Dorothy Norwood

4. WALKIN’ UP A ONE WAY STREET Performed by Willie Tee

5. TRAIN TO TAMPA Performed by Sam Dees


7. WARLOCK Performed by Jackie Mittoo

8. FORGET ME NOTS Performed by Patrice Rushen

9. DETERMINATION Performed by Roland Alphonso

10. CRY TO ME Performed by Loleatta Holloway

11. EVERYBODY DANCE Performed by Chic

12. NOBODY’S GONNA GET YOUR MAMA Performed by Peggy Scott

13. HUGH MINGUS Performed by Nine Ton Peanut Smugglers

14. I’LL GET OFF AT THE NEXT STOP Performed by Carol Anderson

15. RIDING HIGH Performed by Faze-O

16. JAMAICA SKA Performed by Byron Lee & The Dragonaires

17. TWENTY YEARS LATER Performed by Bobby Hutton

18. GET ME BACK ON TIME, ENGINE NUMBER 9 Performed by Wilson Pickett

19. IS IT LOVE YOU’RE AFTER Performed by Rose Royce

20. FUNKY SOUL Performed by David Batiste & The Gladiators

21. CRAM Performed by Tony Cook

22. GETTING UPTOWN (TO GET DOWN) Performed by United 8

23. TESTIMONY OF A FOOL Performed by Bobby Purify

24. BLOWING MY MIND TO PIECES Performed by Bob Relf

25. ANYTHING IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR Performed by Sam Dees

I am Rap........

Yeah, Big words Kanye! Are you rap or are you autotune? hmmmm I don't know, I used to love Kanye but he has left me heartbroken with his latest album. Anyways he's on the cover of Vibe for February's edition and looking slightly grey in the beard!

Check Yeezy's blog here