Monday, January 19, 2009

Terry Kennedy

'It took Terry Kennedy about thirty seconds to get good at skateboarding, two months to get sponsored, and only three years to go pro'....... Check the Kr3w clothing line he is sponsored by. I am quite feeling some of the ish'...

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PM: What direction do you see skate culture taking in 2009?

TK: I feel like it’s going to definitely take the forefront this year! Skaters are doing things now that we thought were impossible to do. We’re on TV and may possibly be in the Olympics soon and the urban community is behind all of it. These dudes are doing so many creative and positive stuff so we’re going to be more in the main stream where we should have been a long time ago.

PM: Why do you feel that the urban communities are now embracing skate culture fashion wise?

TK: It’s because these dudes (skate brand companies) are geniuses dude! These people have so much will power and focus that they can sit there and come up with some fly shit that people in the community like. I saw it early on! I’m only 23 now but when I was younger I was always impressed with the type of designs and products skaters came up with.

PM: Speaking of skate brands you yourself have collaborated with the likes of Supra/KR3W. What was that like and what do you expect out of your relationship with your partners?

TK: Well first off I love to work with skate companies because they allow you to just be you. I can’t really think of another industry outside of music that lets you be as free and involved as skateboard companies do. Working with Supra/KR3W I was able to totally control my designs. I could pick influences from Gucci, YSL, or anything and have them add it to my board or my shoe. It’s just so much freedom.

PM: So beyond any of your collaborations, the rumor is that you have now stepped into the music industry with your group Fly Society! Explain to our readers what Fly society is about and what apparel you have attached to your group.

TK: Fly Society to me is its own culture onto itself. We are trying to show kids this culture and give them a place where they could fit it. That’s all you want to do as a kid is to find where you fit and we hope to give them that with Fly Society.


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