Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dr. Martens Primary Pascal 8 Eye Boot Collection

I think everyone can just about remember the Dr Martin boot, or at least had a pair! I remember when I was about 10/11 years old and rockin hand made tye-dye t-shirts, these were the only shoes I wanted. Instead though, as my mum couldn't afford to buy me these I had the airwalk version that were some cheapo replicas! At the time I didn't really mind, but these were like an aspirational boot. I eventually got a patent leather black pair in the sale for christmas I think, and that was a good time! The brand has always been around, just not in the mainstream, and has been synonymous with punk and greb cultures...

The iconic shoe has been through some colourful transformations, while the design has always remained the same. Like most things, this shoe has become very popular with the fashion forward and can be seen on the feet of most hip young things, even that boy you thought was ghetto, now rocks DM's!

"Each style includes a complete full color make-over as everything including the sole, leather and laces all share the same color. Green, blue, red and yellow are all available with an exclusive run of men’s sizes" - Hypebeast

Available now @ OKI-NI.


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