Friday, January 09, 2009


Just look at that face son! And those eyes, well..........

Ok, so I feel today has swerved off the fashion rails and headed down random street, but it's all good!

As I was perusing I remembered Asher D was on 1xtra this morning and remembered how beautiful that boy is! So among eyeing his pics on myspace, watching the low budget video for his track with Mutya Buena, and reading his short blog, I came across this little dude who goes by the name of Realist.

Ashley had posted it up in October, but as you watch it your kind of dragged in, coz' he's definately got swagger and style. He got me all shoulders poppin, head bobbin type movin'..........Have a listen and check his myspace out.........spread the love!! Plus he's from East, ba-ba-ba-ba Bow E3! Ooooooh and hold tight Villain


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