Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Not the type to catch fish in, the type to catch men in! ;) As you will have noticed, fishnet, string vest, lace and various other semi-transparent fabrics are all the rage. I used to be quite against fish net, lace and string vests because they reminded me of goths and Rab C Nesbit! But alas, now these fabrics are cool! I hate to be a victim of fashion trends, but you know we all grow up and our associations with things change!

So I saw this picture of Meagan Good on Bossip today and they are all like 'Are you feelin' this get up?', and you what, I kind of am. Albeit it is a bit slutty, but that works now. If your a stand up, respectable kinda female, then you can get away with showing off your fine ass every now and then!

So here are some other related garms were feeling..


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