Monday, December 22, 2008

I Hate My Day Job's Subversion

I Hate My Day Job's Subversion

Antoine hester's New York-based brand has hooked up with Nike, The Cool Kids and now London creative collective Styleslut.

Text by Donald Crunk | Published 18 December 2008
Let’s get one thing clear: the streetwear market is one saturated little puppy. Blink and you’ll miss at least three uninspired screen-printed tees from new ‘brands’ that probably won’t even exist in the next six months. Which is probably why NY brand IHMDJ! (I Hate My Day Job) sticks out like a sore thumb. Well, more like a well manicured thumb, painted with 24K gold nail varnish – but, you get the picture. Founded by Antoine Hester, IHMDJ! is like a classic episode of YO MTV Raps being played on Santogolds TV while Biz Markie raps at the block party that just started outside her project window. Their unwritten mission statement is to keep it bright, brash and real, and has already seen them collaborating with Nike, The Cool Kids and more recently, London based creative collective Styleslut. The two of them joined forces to create a highly limited gold and silver ‘baggage’ pendant, with one exclusive edition for New York and another for London which have already been seen on Rye Rye, Cage the Elephant and M.I.A.

Dazed Digital: Hey Antoine. Why do you hate your day job so much? Antoine Hester: I don’t really hate my day job, it’s just a sentiment that I thought rang true and would speak to most people.
DD: What’s the ethos behind the IHMDJ! brand?. AH: White collars and dollars. A lot of people like to talk that ‘do what really makes you happy’ shit. And yeah, it sounds dope, but at the end of the day, we all have to make money.

DD: What made you do a run of collaborations for your latest season? AH: Mostly because I have a day job that takes up most of my time. And I’m kinda’ lazy.
DD: Out of all the collectives and brands in London why did you collaborate with Styleslut? AH: We made a deal so I wouldn’t have to pay child support.

DD: Where did the idea for the baggage chain come from? AH: I just thought it was funny and honest. No meticulous thought process or epiphany.

DD: What collabo’s can we expect from you in the future? AH: No idea yet. Whatever’s different from what everyone else is doing, I guess.
DD: What two designers would you love to see collaborate? AH: I think Terry Richardson should direct some porn. KAWS could do the box cover art.
DD: What do you think has been the greatest fashion collaboration, ever? AH: I’m kind of a fashion poser, so I don’t know if I really have the exposure to even say. I like bags, so I’d say Head Porter x Atmos was my favourite.
DD: Why did you hook up with the Cool Kids? AH: They rap good.
DD: What’s next for IHMDJ? AH: A lot more subversion.


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