Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Air Max 90 Dogs!

Seriously man, people think of evrything!....
"London-based artist, Vinti Andrews, has developed quite a name for herself with switch-ups and custom apparel work. This time she’s created two life-sized pitbulls using Nike sneakers. The Dunk Dog and Air Max 90 Dog each feature various shoe sections that have been cut and sewn back together to create a fairly realistic canine." I would agree, these are hot, I want one!

To geek down @ the finer details of the dog check here

To witness some fitness, check the Nike Windrunners she created

She also does customised jackets.....I had this idea, in fact I think a lot of people have, but she has done it proud. Chopping up different Nike pieces, probably with some others thrown in the mix, she has created these amazing one-off retro garms.

For more check out her rather illusive website @ the link above


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