Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hunk of the Hump.

So since its hump day we have decided to give you a hunk to help you cope with the mid week blues.
This week we have the gorgeous Anthony Mackie! MMMMMMMM!! Born in New Orleans in 1979, Mackie started his career as a stage actor, then progressed into films. His filmography includes Brother to Brother, The Manchurian Candidiate, Million dollar baby, She hate me by Spike Lee which if you havent seen you need to gets! Just for the trippy CGI flying sperm scene, jokes! Half Nelson which is a brilliant film about a white teacher whos addicted to crack who befriends this lil black girl in his class (think along the lines of Dangerous Minds but 100X better n less corny) and most recently he played Tupac in Notorious. Mackie is currently workin on many other film projects but you dont care about that you just wana look at his sexy face!!


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