Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hellz Bellz : Interview with Lanie Alabaze

With the start of this blog being the start of mine and CometGirl's venture into the world of Fashion self-employment , it's only right that we keep up to date with what is happening in the women's streetwear industry as this is the avenue we want to head down in the future.......Lucky for us most competition in the market is American which gives us a little bit of room to blossom...

Ladies apparel is already a quick moving market as this area has been kind of slept on, but with it becoming increasingly more popular and acceptable for women to bust some streetwear out on road and in the clubs, brands are starting to pop up over town. Hellz Bellz founder/creative director Lanie Alabaze is one of those women who spotted this niche in the market and has jumped on the bandwagon and is steady rollin....Her designs are aimed at those of us chicks that don't want that naff Applebottom/Juicy Couture look when we are buying sportswear. For some reason, colour schemes seem to be the thing that most men's focused sportswear brands get wrong when designing womenswear, it's all pinks and reds and bling and floss, which is all good for those of you that want that, but I'm speaking on a more general level, where you just want well designed clothes with muted colour palettes.

If this sounds like something you have been craving, read on and find out more with this interview from Persona Magazine.

Persona Magazine: Where did you grow up?

Laurie Alabaza: I grew up in south east San Diego.

PM: What are some of your early influences that you feel affected your design style?

LA: umm….well coming from San Diego I was definitely effected by the skate culture we have here but most of my inspiration came when I was in New York. I really took in a lot of the culture there and it really had an impact on me.

PM: Prior to Hellz Bellz where did you get your start designing?

LA: I started as a graphic designer for the ladies department of Triple 5 Soul, from there I moved on to become the art director at Rockawear which I worked at for about 3 years prior to starting Bellz.

PM: What do you feel Hellz Bellz brings to the fashion market?

LA: Well what we did with Hellz is to design it very differently from what was in the street wear market at the time. A lot of the designs that were out there were designed by men. So many times you would get shirts that had flowers and overly cute designs that they felt women wanted. Really what women want is cool progressive designs so I feel that Bellz fits that void.

PM:What are some of your company’s goals for 2009?

LA: My goal for this year really isn’t different then last year which is to grow the brand slowly. Maybe we will add more accessories to the line and possibly a men’s line.

PM: What person or thing you feel best explains your collection?

LA: Hmmm… good question know one has asked me that! I would have to say myself because first and foremost I design the collection for myself and what I like so I would have to say myself.

PM: Who is your favorite designer?

LA: Vivian Westwood! She pretty much started the whole punk style and esthetic.

PM: What are some of your favorite material to use while designing?

LA: I try not to repeat things but currently I really like denim.

PM: Where do you see fashion going in 2009?

LA: I think more of a clean look is going to be the new thing. I think loud color will still be there but not as much.

PM: Well that’s pretty much it for us but one last question… who do you feel is the best dressed cartoon character?

LA: Definitely Betty Boop!


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