Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Louis Vuitton Vs Terry Richardson for French Vogue

For the new french issue of VOGUE magazine, the iconic printed fashion bible decided to team up with high fashion brand LOUIS VUITTON and Terry RICHARDSON to make a special pinup x glamour spirit 09 calendar.

The result is more than sexy and really fresh, but it is actually a big question? How come LOUIS VUITTON is now working with TERRY RICHARDSON. Of course, it is not a direct advertising campaign?

It is more a viral one. But if LOUIS VUITTON is now working with such a trashy, provocativ, photographer (very good friend of MARC JACOBS) with who is gonna work such brand as SUPREME?

The limit between high fashion and street wear are getting more blurry days after days. And honestly the result of this calendar is really great and fresh, but LOUIS VUITTON has to really stepup and not going back. It is an interesting move, which is giving more insight about where the high fashion and luxury world wants to go and to set up. A luxury brand is not supposed to go to the hype, but create it!* www.bkrw.com

More Pics!!!!

Photos courtesy of Black Rainbow Extroidanaire Magazine


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