Monday, November 17, 2008

The Cool Kids

2DopeBoyz had this posted up, and felt I should share the love. To be honest with you, I'm not to up on 'The Cool Kids', I think partly because of their name. I now feel quite ashamed, because after watching this video, I feel like they are really safe dudes. I thought I was gonna watch this video and have negative things to say because people like to attribute whole fashion scenes to themselves like these bell ends reckoning the re-introduction of colour was all down to them, whatever...

Keepin it Waste!

Keepin it Modest.....

I just really like the fact that they are humble, and don't want people to think that they are some kind of gods for dressing the way they do. I mean it's so hard now to dress individually without feeling like you are trying to hard. All that we have left is confidence and a give a shit attitude to see us through.

2K Pennies.....

For more Cool Kids check aaaaaight!


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