Monday, November 17, 2008

Skirts for Men?

*Designer Jennifer Minniti makes masculine dresses for men who apparantly "understand fashion"!!!

Right, so this whole title souds wrong to me! I am in no away against men or women crossing the gender lines, but when it comes to fashion, I really think that only women can get away with wearing mens clothes. It may sound discriminative, but surely you want a man to LOOK like a man, not a woman, unless your into that of course......On the flipside gay men seem to be able to pull these kinds of things off, for example Marc Jacobs has been wearing them regularly since his New York show in September.

What got me thinking about this was, I was reading an article on a random blog about Barneys really loving this 'Man Skirt', and how Bloomingdales are not so up for it. It surprised me, not that these are on the market, but that a store this big would actually be interested in selling this piece, as it could mean that suddenly we are going to see an influx of men wearing skirts!!!


Barneys fashion director Julie Gilhart said she was pretty sure her store already carried them. "Our men's buyer would have no hesitation carrying them," she said. "Not a lot, just a little bit. Men are really sexy in skirts." Style curator Natalie Kates added, "Especially if they have nice calves or are wearing some nice Doc Martens."

-Nice calves or not, men do not wear skirts love, bar Scotland and Tibet maybe....


Bloomingdales men's- and home-fashion director, Kevin Harter, gave mixed man-skirt signals. "I don't think we'll see it on the rack in Bloomingdale's"
"I can tell you right now, I don't think a skirt for men will ever end up in Bloomingdale's."

But then he went on to say...

"We're always looking to see what guys are wearing downtown, on the streets, in restaurants. If we started noticing it in those areas, we'd consider it."

I really hope that downtown, Uptown, Mid-Town, any-town men do not, I repeat do not, start donning these as the latest fashion craze. David Beckham was enough for the UK floating around in his sarong like some trendy monk, we do not need New York telling men it is OK, otherwise it will spread worldwide!!! :(


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