Monday, December 21, 2009

RIP Brittany Murphy

I think everyone was surprised to hear that Brittany Murphy had died, mostly because it was so sudden and she was so young. There are already a lot of rumours flying around about how she dies but I'm not gonna get into that. I just wanna remember her for making us all laugh and not taking herself too seriously.

My first introduction to Brittany was when she starred in Clueless as Ty, she was definately my favourite character because she was the average girl, the girls girl, and not one of the preppy rich girls that were played by Alicia and Stacey. Don't get me wrong I came to love their characters, but I felt that Ty represented a really positive model to all the young girls that watched the film (and trust there were, and still are BARES!!) because she wasn't stick thin, obsessed by popularity, and wore pretty average clothes. Obviously later on she got the 'makeover' but she eventually got back to herself (just with some more girly garms and a new man!)

She went on to star in a number of hit films, and continued to crack us up. Sadly though, I think that like a lot of celebrities before and after her, the alcohol and drugs managed to take a bit more control over her than was healthy. She had also lost a lot of weight, for reasons I don't wanna speculate.

May you rest in peace Brittany.


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