Sunday, December 20, 2009

Byron Gold

If you like your soulful rnb (and lets face us who doesn't eh? )then you need to check out my boy Byron Gold (click on the link for his Myspace and all his lovely music). I coped one of his cd's and I bumped that ish for like a week straight- love it! My eye remix is ma jammmmm!! It's not your typical usher/r kelly kinda rnb, it actually has substance and sounds fresh not like you heard it 100 times before. He has such a smooth voice, and lets face it he aint too harsh on the eye ladies!


Young singer/songwriter Byron Gold has proven to be an music artist who is vividly different from the rest, his soulful voice, creative song writing and on par composition prowess has given him a distinguished sound which seems to be giving him well deserved 'props' within his community. Being a versatile artist with a voice to match Byron's library of songs and live performances, range from RNB, Retro-Soul and Hip-hop, or some songs which effectively mix all the above. Whether singing acoustic behind a piano or alongside a full band, Byron Gold's crazy energy and positive stance sets any stage on fire. With a fanbase thats continuously growing Byron Gold is well on his way to becoming the next big thing in UK Music.

Check out this beautiful MJ trubute-


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