Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pick Fro's not Fights

I thought I should rep another blog, so this Sunday I'm goin for Frolab.
Frolab is an integrated creative and production resource based around the concept of “frolaboration”. We provide an outlet for urbanites thirsting for authentic experiences that embrace hip hop, art & design. In addition to keeping the blog updated, our services include design, photography & videography, and event production.

The founding frolaborators are the faces behind Jelizen Dezine (graphic designist) & Nonstop (multi-medium visionist) – Jewell & Cognito. (Pictured above)

If your into all that is hip hop, art and African-American culture in general, then this is the site fo ya! They post on the regs and have been running a really cool campaign called 'Pick Fro's not Fights'. A lot of people have been getting involved.

For a photo set of an amazing array of afros click here for the Flickr photoset. - FROSPOTTIN YO!!


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