Sunday, November 16, 2008

McQueen for Target!

When I heard this on the grapevine, I thought it was a joke! But this is for real, and McQueen is first on the wagon to join Targets Designer Collaboration, a program that will bring the styles of well-established designers to the mass merchant at typical Target prices......hmmm

If you have been to America, you will know that Target is......kind of like Primark, or TK Max (TJ Max in America). So for McQueen to be designing a range for them is slightly odd really, I think Mr Cockney Lovin' Queen must be getting paid hella bucks because it can't be doing him any favours on the designer circuit. Maybe the credit crunch is really hurting designers too and we are gonna see Galliano joining the George at Asda design team?? Stranger thiings have happened!

The McQ Alexander McQueen for Target collection is said to feature lightweight knits, skinny jeans, bubble dresses and cuffed shorts, and will have rock ‘n’ roll influences and edgy details such as studs and tattoo-print fabrics. Woo hoo, sound lovely, who needs real tattoos anyway?

I had to include some photos of the store that will be homing these lovely affordable designer clothes because it just makes me crease up thinking about it!

Me thinks Alexander may be the Target of some piss taking.....Can't wait!


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