Thursday, June 03, 2010

Rewind Forward

The '70s and '80s will be revisited with the bespoke experiential 'Rewind Forward' project by Puma throughout the summer across the UK. The showcase will celebrate 'Puma Archives' heritage, its memorable and motivating moments and its products. It will place the Puma Archive in the ‘now’ and show how the products are as relevant today as they were in the 70s and 80s.

To realise Rewind Forward a select team of Creative Directors from the areas of design and music are the visual and sound ‘brains’ behind the project. London based design collective Eat Sleep Work/Play, Inventory Studio and The Klassnik Corporation have come together to invent the ‘Pop-Out Shop’ a customised vehicle that mutates transformers style into a shop that will represent the 70s and is then re-skinned’ to represent the 80s, during a filmed ‘Formula 1 style’ pit stop.

“As designers we thrive on problem solving, so we relished the opportunity both to bring the Puma archive to a wider contemporary audience, showcasing classics while updating the appeal as well as meeting the logistical requirements of a project on this scale,” Robert Boon from Inventory Studio.

The shop feature elements that ‘Pop-Out’! such as seating, storage, TV screens and a things that can pop-out of the vehicles framework. It will be a multi-platform experience both externally and internally. The inside of the Pop-Out shop will be decked out with the archive moments in Puma’s history and products.

The Rewind Forward ‘Pop-Out’ Shop will travel and pitch up in London, Manchester and Liverpool as well as various festival locations. The Pop-Out Shop will appear and disappear in car parks, railway stations or front gardens.


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