Thursday, June 03, 2010

Italian Vogue covers

Italian Vogue is probably one of my favourite magazines to be fair because they are not afraid to push the boundaries of fashion. They are always the country that gets the ooh's and aah's for the covers and features, and I think it's really commendable when so many flailing magazines are trying to me commercial and generic to attract the attention of the masses. I feel like Vogue Italia still reaches out to those who have a genuine interest in originality within fashion, shame a lot of us can't understand the words!

I thought I would put up some of their previous covers, in no particular order!

October 2009 - Rianne ten Haken

October 2003

September 2007 -
July/August 1988 - Robin MacKintosh

April 2009 - Eliza Cummings


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