Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cruise 2011

So for those that may not know Cruise collections are mini collections that brands put out between the S/S and A/W seasons to tide you over- so basically just a way to ensure interest and ringing tills. Well the Cruise collections to see you through that difficult time between A/W 2010 and S/S 2011 have started coming in.

First up we got Dior, shown in Shanghai. All very 60's, with the bouffant hair and Bardo styling- personally it's all a bit too cutesy and girly for me. But I gota hand it to Mr Galliano for his use of colours, not one rainbow colour left untouched!
Uncle Karl's next, showcasing Channel's latest in St Tropez. Again the majority of this collection is so girly it makes me wana walk around with a massive strap on just to show the world I'm not a soft talking, chore doing 1970's housewife. But outa the 80+ looks there were a few strong ones- well as strong as Uncle Karl can get without scaring himself.
Last one for the min is Bottega Veneta, not really a fashion house I get down with. Although they offer quite a fierce alternative to the aforementioned designers- it's all a bit androgynous for me, yeah I know I just moaned twice about girly collections but this is all a bit square (literally) for me. Again I've picked out my fave pieces that I would actually wear- to see the full collections go here.


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