Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Special Kind of Fool

TY is releasing his fourth album "Special Kind of Fool" on April 19th, which is tre exciting! I have heard mixed reviews so far, but I think it's one of those things where you need to buy the album and make up your mind for yourself....Granted it has been a while since he released the banger album 'Awkward' in 2001, but we can't all be waiting around for another one of those, we ha fi mek progress people whether it be good or bad.

Perfectly timed for the album drop, this Friday April 16th we have On the Real. Another installment by Spin Doctor which looks set to be BIG! The last one I caught was Klashnekoff which was wicked, drank a bit too much wine, but still managed to hold it together to hear the classics 'My Life', 'Black Rose' and 'Murder'. Hearing that for us Brits is how I imagine it is for Americans watching MOP perform 'Ante Up' , pure moshpits!
Tickets are only £5 in advance, you know it's gonna be worth it!


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