Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Fashion Stake

"Fashion’s dirty little secret is that no one really has a lot of money — even people who are well-known and household names”

I was just reading about a new website that is soon to launch called
Fashion Stake. It was set up by Harvard Business School student Vivian Weng. The idea is that anyone can invest $50 into a brand that they like to help them set up.

By buying a $50 stake in a company, “supporters” will be given credits to put toward clothing purchases, as well as special offers like exclusive previews, showroom visits and fashion show invitations. Interestingly, case studies have indicated shoppers value having personal experiences with designers more than getting discounts, Weng said. Supporters will also vote for the styles they would like to see produced.

This is some next level industry move man. As New York Magazine says, print editors are still trying to keep up with the craze of bloggers, so imagine what fashion consultants, editors and advisors are gonna think if this catches on...New designers and brands are going to spend less money seeking advice when, with sites like this they can go straight to the source for free....Intersting times!


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