Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nicki Minaj Vs. Keys

As you should know by now we love the females here, especially ones who are bringing something fresh to their game. Miss Minaj def falls into that category with her off-key verses, crazy rapping style and mad voices (easy to see why Weezy signed her) BUT I gota admit I'm not really a fan, even tho she's been on some of the hottest hip hop jams of late I still can't really get down. As we all know part of bein an MC is to always lay claim to bein the baddest- something Nicki has done from early on- but to say she's killed every other chick in the game, well it's just asking for trouble really! And so trouble came in the form of Keys, an unsigned artist from Baltimore. Raaaaa I would not wana be Minaj right now coz Keys just KILLED her! It all started with this tune where Nicki claims to be killin the rap game-
Key's responded with this, uh oh Minaj think you just got parred!-
Nicki then posted up this vid (Sidenote: is she high???) -
To which Key's came back with this, and man did she go in hard!-
Who's side you on????


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