Monday, April 12, 2010

DHL Fashion

In a time when everyone is bangin on about the environment, perhaps we need to start rocking more looks like the ones below. So ladies, get in your recycling boxes and whip back out your bubble wrap and brown paper, maybe some egg box hats?

DHL is the official logistics partner of Fashion Week worldwide. Our task was to create an international campaign that emphasises DHL’s competence in the fashion industry. To communicate the close connection between DHL and the fashion world we turned fashion itself into our main advertising medium. In cooperation with Michael Michalsky – one of Germany‘s most famous designers – we created a special haute couture collection: dresses exclusively made of original DHL packaging materials. Bringing to life our motto: ”DHL – the perfect fit for the fashion world“. The dresses were displayed on dummies at the DHL stand at Fashion Week and worn by hostesses. An elaborate fashion shoot with our dresses provided the motifs for our print material, such as posters, invitation cards, a calendar etc., and the online campaign.
The gowns are Crafted by designer Michael Michalsky in partnership with German agency Jung Von Matt, they have produced a line of haute couture made from materials that DHL is familiar with.


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