Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Erykah Badu on Dilla

So in a recent interview with RWD mag Ms Badu said this about Dilla-
He was the real deal. He is the most amazing track producer that I have ever heard. He has this [hums] that we call 'the funk'. Working in a studio, he was very shy, very quiet, He had a disease called Lupus so I can imagine he was in pain alot. Because he was so shy, I often teased him. I was dating Common at the time, and every time Common would leave the room I would walk across slowly and be like 'Now, it's just me and you, we're finally alone'. He would be very shy like 'Oh no', and he [Common} would come back into the room and I would straighten up. Common knew what was goin on of course, be he would come back and say 'E don't do that!' [Laughs]. 
Hmmmm just a bit of harmless flirting or an indication of Erykah's insatiable sexual appetite and rumoured sexual prowess? And maybe a lil insight into the reasons behind the demise of her and Common's relationship- or maybe I'm just thinkin bout this too deep!  


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