Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Circolombia & Roundhouse Circus Company

All you under 26's out there will prob be most interested in this one. The Roundhouse in Camden, is putting on a 4 day circus extravaganza that includes performances from Roundhouse Circus Company, Colombia's Circolombia and Crescer E Viver, Brazil's first social circus company. Here's a lil insight into each group-  
The Roundhouse Circus Company, a new collective of acrobats, dancers, actors and circus artists formed in the tunnels beneath the Roundhouse have come together to create a new adaptation of the tragic tale of Echo and Narcissus. This deeply physical representation is the culmination of eight months of preparation, company development and rehearsal. This first work together as an ensemble twists, turns and tumbles into this premiere, utilising the company’s various backgrounds, and many talents.

The city of Cali, a place of joy and violence, provides the source for Circolombia’s freestyle portrait of a society where dance and music are the safety valves of everyday life. The exuberant young artists marry volcanic energy with a contemporary urban aesthetic to produce a flamboyant display of awe-inspiring acrobatics and dance. Their latest work, Urban, showcases the best from the Colombian national circus school, Circo Para Todos, where members of Circolombia trained.

Watch a video of Circolombia on our Facebook page.

Cirque du Demain is the prestigious competition that annually awards the very best circus acts in the world. Circolombia wowed audiences in 2009 and went home with bronze - a massive achievement, making them one of the most respected and sought after acts around.
This event run's from Thurs 6th to Sun 9th May, you can cop your tickets here. But Like I said at the beginning you under 26's will prob be most interested as you can cop free tickets from ere!


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