Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nathan Jenden A/W 2010

Shown on Tuesday just gone, this collection by Nathan Jenden was pretty wow! For the collection, he imagined "church ladies in the jungle." Quite a fun concept huh?!

There are some looks/shapes/colours that I absolutely love (below). But I can't help but feel that the collection is all a bit random....


SpoonfdStyle said...

Every season Nathan Jenden tries to put too many ideas on the catwalk. I've seen all the clothes/looks he brings over from New York and I can see why it's difficult to chose the final outfits for the catwalk.
I particularly loved the beautifully tailored suit with the black and dusty pink panelling- beautifully finished and luxurious up close!
Alot of the outfits are put together literally a day or a few hours before the show- it'll be interesting to see how this changes now he's just concentrating on his own collection and not DVF.
Did you get go to see the actual catwalk show?

Bag Lady said...

Hey, no I didn't actually see it just got the shots afterwards :( but your right, there does seem to be a lot goin on. I love that whole choppy, lets put something together idea though...I did a work placement for Heatherette a few years ago who are similar, lots crazy fun ideas and making/adding and removing things hours before their show!

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