Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Could Never be Your Woman...

A sentance a lot of you girls have probably thought or said out loud many a time!

This video is not super new or anything, I just didn't realise there was a video! We have been rinsing this tune, and general Wiley riddims recently, so this is an ode to Eskiboy.

The video is quite cool actually it has a few references for me, for example the start uses a scene taken form 'Fish Tank' by Andrea Arnold - an indie film about a teenage girl growing up in a council flat in Essex. She practices breakdancing in abondoned flat that faces out over her ends, whilst drinking cider. Really good film, so check that out.

It also made me think of Notorious BIG 'Juicy' in the sense that Wiley does not feauture in the video (bar a small flash of his face), but instead he uses a small boy, and towards the end, a few other people to voice out his lyrics. I also like that Emeli Sande is the main star of the show coz she's purrrddy and we like her voice!
Here's both, bitta new school, bitta Old school...


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