Sunday, February 28, 2010

Moving forward.

Change might be on the horizon ladies! Miuccuia Prada controversially used 4 'plus sized' models as part of the Prada A/W 2010 runway. The models in question-
Doutzen Kroes 
Lara Stone 
Miranda Kerr
 Catherine McNeil

Are these ladies going to become the faces of change in the fashion industry? The size debate has been going on for time now and thus far not much seems to have been done about it, but with the 'plus size' issue of V on the shelves last month, Mark Fast's use of curvy ladies and now Prada's (who have always been forerunners in the use of broomstick size prepubescent girls for many years) are we eventually about to see all this talk put into action? Change may start at the top and let's face it until the major fashion houses accept that variety is beautiful we prob wont see much change in the mainstream. Although admittedly Debenhams have used a 'plus sized' and a disabled model in their latest ad's, maybe the high street will start following it's own ideas rather than the ones of the 'gay fashion mafia' at the top. 
I use the phrase 'gay fashion mafia' as a model agency boss was quoted as saying they were the reason a model of his, who according to NHS guidelines is half a stone underweight, was refused a job this week due to being 'overweight'. 
When will people in the fashion industry realise that they can call the shots and they don't need to follow the minority of small minded individuals at 'the top'? 
To be fair though I do hope everyone jumps on this bandwagon because something needs to be done if people actually think this looks good-



Anonymous said...

miranda's measurements are 33/23/33.5
on what planet is this considered plus size?

Comet Girl said...

I know its absolutely ridiculous! Put according to planet fuckin fashion she's plus size- the worlds gone fucking mad!!

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