Sunday, February 28, 2010

JG Ballard Exhibition

Yesterday me and the team went to see the JG Ballard inspired exhibition 'Crash' held at the Gasgosian Gallery in Brittania Street, near Kings Cross station.

If you know JG Ballard, you'll know the classic controversial film entitled 'Crash'....When I watched it, I was a bit like, wtf, is this shit for real?!! Just because the concept is so mental! He wrote the book in 1973, much to many people's horror!! It was based on symphorophilia which is sexual car-crash fetishism. Written in a highly sensualised manner, the books characters stage real life car crashes (for example James Dean's infamous crash) which get them sexually aroused. A bit off-key really!

The film is really well done though, and shows you a world otherwise unbeknownst to most. I mean whoever would have though that someones leg hanging off them was sexy? Obviously there are different levels to symphorophilia, just like any fetish, but the film covers just about everything.

On to the exhibition, the pictures are a homage to Mr Ballard and include a whole host of artists 'attuned to the Ballardian universe'. You've got a true visual fest of original art works, including some by super famous artists such as Man Ray, Salvidor Dali, Ed Ruscha, Roy Lichenstein, Andy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat! Badness!

And you know that the best things about it are that it is a) FREE and b) You can take photographs! Sick!


6-24 Britannia Street


11th February - 1st April 2010

Here are some pictures to get you going in the meantime!


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