Friday, January 15, 2010

Nike Dynasty 81

Model:Nike Basketball , Nike Dynasty
Original Purpose:Basketball
Year of Release:1981

Oh Nike, oh Nike, oh Nike.......It's such a shame that they have to be one of those companies that have a bit of controversy around them when it comes to morals, but DAMN do they make some fine-ass kicks!! I'm gonna have to side-step that issue, in fact I do a lot, because these are the PENG!

Now some re-visits can be a bit shady and tacky, but when Nike come good, they come correct!

These were big back in the day, bein flossed on the basketball courts in Venice Beach and Cole Park.....I can see that these are gonna be big here in the UK, not on the courts mind!! I mean shit, who even wears kicks for their original purpose these days???? Coming to you in a coral blue and burgandy, you need to keep an eye on the retailers this spring because as yet there is not a particular release date.


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