Friday, January 15, 2010

Fresh for Friday.

So we're doin a new feature on a Friday where we're gona bring you someone who's about to blow! They'll be from all areas whether it be music, art, fashion, acting etc, just as long as their hot! This week's Fresh for Friday is the gorgeous Jessie J

Essex native Jessie studied Musical theatre at the Brit school, at 16 she joined a girl group called SoulDeep, they released a song called "Why" with the "Mothers against guns" for "The Don't Trigger Campaign". At 18 Jessie left the group to start a solo carear, she got signed to a record label that later went into liquidation meaning she got dropped, which was probably a good thing in the long run as it spurred Jessie into developing her song writing skills, she went on to pen hits for the likes of Chris Brown and Miley Cyrus "laugh, but its paying my rent" as she says. Jessie's fortunes have recently changed as she has signed to Universal Music/Island Records and is going to be dropping an album later this year. 
I'm really feeling this lady- not only is she a talented musician but she's got some style as well! Check out the vids and pics below.


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