Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Melanie Fiona.

You've prob heard this lady's debut single Give it to me right already, its a banger! Check it out-

This lady's swagger is on point- really feeling her style. I think after Lady Gaga Gogo's extreme styling during 2009 I'm happy to see someone a bit more toned down, I do love a bit of high fashion but I also like to see someone rockin clothes that I could wear myself, and this lady is def pullin off a good look- and her music is pretty damn good too!
For more info on Melanie check her Myspace. Its got her full bio and some good videos to boot. Check out her latest one 'It kills me'- tune!
Some pics I managed to find of Mel lookin pretty fly- not quite as good as in her vids but still she's doin it!

Oh and check out this tune aswell sooooooo good-


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