Monday, January 11, 2010

Female Collaborations

I was just on The Source and saw that Keri Hilson has a tune ft Keyshia Cole and Nicki Minaj called 'Get your Money Up' which is not very good to be honest, but if you were pissed up in the West End at one of 'those' kind of clubs you would definitely shake yo ass!! So that made me think of all the other proper random female collaborations that have gone on! So there are some good, some bad.....I feel like this is gonna take a bit of time so I'm gonna keep it to 5 a piece.


1. Ladies Night - Angie Martinez, Lil Kim, Left Eye, Da Brat & Missy Elliott

"Bang this in ya whips!"

2. Salt N Pepa ft. En Vogue - Whatta Man

"Yes my man says he loves, never says he loves me not"

3. Aretha Franklin with Lauryn Hill - A Rose Is Still A Rose

4. Brandy and Monica - The Boy is Mine

5. MJB ft Jazmine Sullivan - Gonna Make it

Two of my fave ladies on a more recent one.


1. Alicia Keys Ft Beyonce - Put it in a Love song

"Eh yo B, what up A" - Cheeeeeesy!!!

2. Beyonce ft Lady Gaga - Videophone

This video is just uncomfortable to watch and the song does nothing for me really!!

3. Mariah Carey ft Nicki Minaj - Up out My Face

What's with Nicki's weird british 'awight mate' accent, the gal is from Queens, NY!

4. Mz Bratt ft. Sadie Ama- "I Like You"

This is just pure naff!

5. Mya - Ridin' Remix feat. Trina


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