Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Adidas & Star Wars

Darth Vader

I'm gona make a confession here that may piss a lot of people off, I have NEVER see a Star Wars film- I don't quite know how but its just never happened, so this collaboration isn't that exciting for me, tho they have came up with some nice kicks! Adidas originals and George Lucas have teamed up to release a range of 13 trainers, set to hit stores in Jan 2010. Styles will be available by general release as well as limited quantities. As well as the kicks they will be releasing a line of Star Wars themed clothes.

Darth Vader Superstars

Forum- I LOVE how wide these are!

Millennium Falcon

Princess Leia


X Wing

The Fighter- think these are def my faves!


Stormtrooper-my 2nd faves!

Micropacer- quite possibly the most hiddeous and vile pair of shoes I have ever had the misfortune to see- PUKE!


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