Thursday, November 13, 2008

2009 Mishka Calender

I have never heard of either of these collaborators, but this caught my eye because it makes me wish I was a man, or slightly more on the lesbo side of town making it acceptable for me to hang this on the wall of my bedroom at my Grandparents house!! The collective of Mishka it would appear have men down to a 'T', with an opening line on the website that reads "For everyone who spent their middle school years day-dreaming about the non-next-door girl in panties" (Secondary School for you and I!)

What I really love about this though is how average the girls look, (actually I think Miss July is slightly less than average) lending to the idea that we can all put on a pair of boy-panties, grrrab a skateboard, borrow ya mates New Era cap, take off your bra and be ready to fulfill some fantasies, ya get me!

Romantic Calender Blurb......

“Subtly adorned in Mishka motifs, the limited run calendar is themed around the fun female-driven fantasies of adolescent males and features models like Justine Joli, Jelena Jensen and Joanna Angel among others. Accompanying each pin-up will also be an original dirty comic penned by the fantastically funny Jon Vermilyea, a regular contributor to both Mishka and VICE Magazine.”

In addition, Mishka has produced an exclusive Mandy Morbid T-shirt to go along with the calendar. The special T-shirt retails for $32 on its own or can combined with the Mishka Calendar by Ellen Stagg for $50. *High Snobiety

Well after all that, I feel like raiding my wardrobe and materialising some of my own fantasies,
Rice and Peas.......


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