Thursday, June 10, 2010

I've been sleeping.......

....on the whole resort collections! I was on it at first but I kinda forgot the whole thing was goin down, as well as Graduate Fashion Week. But anyway all good, as usual I picked the peng ones for you to look over.

Alexander Wang- aint gona lie this has got a bit of a 90's crackhead feeling bout it.

Herve Leger- gota say I'm not the biggest fan of this dude, but he smacked it with this collection. I would rock all of the following ( maybe not the Rimmel fake tan tho hmmmmm).

Narciso Rodriguez- only a few from this collection. Basically if my day job required me to look like some badgal power player I'd be rocking the baby pink suit EVERYDAY! 

Rachel Roy- I got a lil scared when I was looking at this collection, I thought if I stared for long enough the model would snap in half- seriously she is crazy thin! EWWWWWWW ribs a gwan! Part from that tho I am LOVIN this collection. CometGirls next mission: go to Dalston market, buy up all the string vests, make a full length string vest skirt, bang mission complete. 

Vena Cave- channel your inner Shoreditch wanker in these basic/retro/feminine garms. I do genuinely really like alot of this, especially the string vest tee's, but on a side note why does the model have no bra on? Imagine if we all just started rockin our see through tops braless- exactly aint gona happen coz A. you ain't a stripper and B. you know the world don't wana see your nips. 

Chloe Sevingy for Opening Ceromony- how harsh is it in Kid's when Chloe's mate get HIV from that twat with the skateboard, then he basically rapes Chloe when she passes out. That's a BAD hangover! Loving the break-neck lace up black shoes- need a pair please!




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