Thursday, May 06, 2010

JCDC Pop Up Store!

The hugely talented, and personal fave, Jean Charles De Castelbajac  has done an amazing pop up shop in Selfridges! It took the JC DC team 8 months to prepare it, designing special items only available at Selfridges. I know, I know overwhelmingly exciting! Im going straight there on Sat to pick up some Xclusives. Apparently the dapper don main man was inspired by aliens-

Pointing to four small boxes in the shop containing figures and paintings; they all illustrate different kinds of close alien encounters he says."The first close encounter is to see a space ship, second is seeing an alien. The third encounter is speaking to one and the fourth is making love to one of them. The last close encounter with an alien is partying with them".

He's a madness! Ths store will be there for 2 months so you got loadsa time to check it out.


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