Monday, April 05, 2010

The Boiler Room #3

So we have teamed up with 'The Boiler Room'.

Each Tuesday a crowd of people come down to a back room in our office, listen to each others records, drink and dance. Each week we stream the session live, and each week we record it as a podcast:The Boiler Room is only 3 weeks old, and we’re really excited about it.

And we are also really excited about supporting this and can't wait to attend one of the events!

For full info, tracklist, pictures and videos from the night click here.

Listen to the show below!

Below is just a taste of the full tracklist from last Tuesday's event.....Noooiiice!

Boiler Room #3 Track listing

Merry Clayton (Southern Man)

Esther Philips (Home is Where the Hatred is)

Voices of East Harlem (Cashing In)

Raw Soul Express (The Way We Live)

King Geedorah (Next levels)

Juggaknots (Generally)

Frankenstein (The Rain is Gone)

Stark reality (All You Need to Make Music)

Supreme Vagabond Craftsman Band (I Live in the Fens)

Clear (Equal Love Opportunity)

Laboratorium (Straight No Chaser)

Young Jazz Rebels (For Brother Sun Ra)



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