Sunday, March 14, 2010

Viktor & Rolf A/W 2010

Never in my life have I seen such amazing use of zips, pullys and belts! This is a show of epic proportions- the model, Kristen McMenamy, came down the runway in no less than 23 layers. Mr Viktor & Rolf then took off each layer and put it on a new scantilly clad model creating a new look. The zips, pullys and belts were used to create completely new shapes, seriously man this ish is amazing! A skirt train becomes a cape, a bussle becomes a neck piece but to me it signified how although the clothes were intricate and visualy quite complex they could be worn with such ease and transformed with a pull and tweak here and there- loved it! I know it's 17 min long but seriously watch this for some amazing fashion!


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