Monday, March 01, 2010

Push it!

We over here, are very excited by the line up at BLOC, one of the headlines is non other than ya fave ladies Salt and Pepa!! Imagine how sick that is gwan be! I mean it ain't gonna be no 'Push It', but damn I ain't complaining! So I saw this interview over @ Wonderland Magazine, and totally had to (rob it) bring it to you!

WONDERLAND: You’re working on a new album – what can fans expect from it?

SALT: Our new album is well seasoned with great dance beats, and spicy lyrics - not too spicy. The sound is what you are used to from Salt n Pepa with up to date vibes. Of course there are some messages in our songs, because that’s always been important to us. Now we’re representing women power.

PEPA: Its a brand new sound. Its an album you can vibe to. And it is uplifting and with songs to get your party on.

Do you feel there is a big difference in the music industry since you first formed?

P: There are definitely a lot more artists than when we started. Now we have a lot of different artists from different parts of the world.

S: The industry as we knew is dead. Music is basically free, record companies are going away, record stores are gone. The internet is the new way to market and promote yourself. It gives artists more of a chance to be heard and to make money. It’s all about branding now and less about music.

Which new artists do you most admire?

P: Drake.

S: My daughter has me listening to Rhianna, her new album is very good. I love Anthony Hamilton and I listen to a lot of Gospel, it keeps my spirit up. Isreal and New Breed Live in Africa is my fav right now.

Which artists from former years would you like to see return?

P: Run DMC.

S: Lauren Hill.

One of you’re biggest hits was Whatta Man – a collaboration with En Vogue. Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

S: Lauren Hill. I think she is an amazing artist, true to her art.

P: Beyonce.

Does everyone still wanna talk about sex?

P: All the time.

S: Even more so, music has become all about sex now days.

Are you looking forward to performing at BLOC?

P: Yes, I cannot wait. I love my fans. They have always been supportive.

S: We just went to Australia and we got so much love. It’s been a long time. The fans have been amazing!!

Will you be going on tour with the new album?

S: We pace ourselves now so not like we used to, we have families and other responsibilities. But yes of course we will. Touring is a family affair now, hubby and kids come along when they can.

P: The album is not out yet, but I’m sure we will do a tour.

Where is your favourite place to perform?

S: I love to perform wherever they love me the most and scream the loudest.

P: The UK. Because they know how to party.

What was your wildest gig ever?

S: The Nelson Mandella concert at Wembley Stadium, I have never played for so many people - it was insane.

P: When we first started out, we had a gig in NY. There were two girls performing before we got on the stage. They were Salt n Pepa impostors


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