Saturday, March 06, 2010

Plan B

I remember when me and CometGirl first saw Plan B in 2005 at 100 Club in Oxford Street. It was so sick because then, things were not as trendy and venues didn't seem as mass-populated!! He was supporting Saul Williams, so it was quite a line-up to be fair.

Anyway, back then Plan B was on some whole other shit, which we totally loved. Tunes like 'Charmaine', 'Sick to Death' and 'Dead and Buried' were all bangers, and I loved the British spoken word style he was rocking.

Now though, Plan B has made a musical comeback and is showing us his varied influences with his new sound. I'm really feeling the whole sweet singing thing, but I think there are mixed reviews about the new sound. Whatever though, music is about progression and developing, so all the haters can swing one because we are big Plan B fans up in here!

Here is the new video for 'Writings on the Wall'

This tune kind of reminds me of Charles and Eddie - 'Would I lie to you' (Big Tune!)


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