Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jean-Paul Goude

Jean-Paul Goude is a french illustrator, photographer, film maker, graphic designer and just general all round bad man. Prob just as famous for his love affair with Grace Jones as for his work, this guy has earned himself a place in photographic history with his innovative and modern style. He truly is amazing- while I was looking at his website I was shocked to see some of his work was from the 80's yet looks like it was shot recently, they are proper timeless classics and doesn't he look like such a lovely man! We Love!
Naomi Campbell, US Harpers Bazaar, 2009
 Grace Jones, V Magazine, Jan 2008.
Valentino, US Harpers Bazaar, 2008.
Marc Jacobs & Naomi Campbell, Harpers Bazaar, 2007
Janet Jackson, V Magazine, 2006
 Audrey Mamay, New York Times, 2006
Mia Frye, Galeries Lafayette, 2008
Elin Jakobsdotti, Galeries Lafayette, 2004.
Lee Cooper characters, Georgette, Paris, 1984.


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